1963 Porsche 356


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The first Porsche 356 came out in 1949 at the Geneva International Motor Show, arousing enthusiastic responses. It was a new model produced by the Stuttgart car manufactory: sporty, catchy and with cutting-edge solutions compared to the other prototypes of that age.
In the late 1964 autumn began the production of the 356 SC model, ending up the glorious generation of the 356, Porsche's first model. One of the peculiarities people could tell from other models, was the classic opposed cylinder engine, which in its maximum evolution supplied 95 hp; this innovation was generated by the engineer Mezger, who twenty years later will be architect of the TAG Porsche Formula 1 engine.
Janis Joplin, the famous American singer of the time, bought the Porsche 356 SC in 1968, customizing it with dynamic and brilliant drawing and colors. The composition was titled "The history of the universe".
The Porsche company, after 17 years of remarkable market successes and assignments of numerous honors, closed the series 356 production in April 1965.!