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    Convertible / Roadster
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    United States
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In 1959 Porsche introduced its successor to the popular Speedster model, the Convertible D (the 'D' standing for Drauz who built the bodywork). It had a taller windshield and folding top and was therefore more comfortable and more practical than the Speedster.

For 1960, Porsche introduced the new "T-5" body style, designating the model 356B. The T-5 had a flatter hood and front sheet metal, and larger, higher bumpers. The next transition was for the Convertible D to be discontinued, and replaced by the Roadster, but still built by Drauz. During the lifetime of the model, bodywork production for the Roadster was transferred to D'Ieteren in Belgium, who would produce the final cars up to 1962. The design was updated along this process and designated the T-6 body type for that final year. The revision included an air vent on the scuttle, the arrival of the gas tank cover on the right side fender and twin grilles on the engine cover. This final derivation of the Roadster is on

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