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$120,000 - $140,000

  • Highly desirable Super 90 performance model
  • Attractive concours-quality restoration
  • Includes Porsche Production Specification (PPS) certificate
  • Matching-numbers engine and transmission, confirmed by PPS
  • Optional factory-installed passenger-side headrest and white fog lights
  • Please note this lot will need to be collected from Culver City, CA

The Porsche 356 B, produced from 1960 through 1963, represents the mid-point in the 356’s model history. In what is known as ‘T5’ form, the B introduced new front and rear sheet-metal, while retaining the curved front trunk lid and rounded fenders of the A series. The B also added some features requested by American customers, such as raised front and rear bumpers with over-riders to better protect the body from parking incidents. The headlamps were raised, a larger hood handle added, and front vent windows appeared in the doors. Mechanically, the gearbox and drum brakes were upgraded. A new steering wheel and column refreshed the interior, along with redesigned rear seats.

The Super model with raised compression added an extra 15 bhp over the standard version, while the even hotter Super 90 added 30 bhp – a full 50% more power than the base car. The Super 90 gained its muscle from a higher-lift camshaft, a 9.1 compression ratio, and a pair of larger 40-mm Solex PII down-draft carburetors. Engine lubrication was upgraded for better longevity, and a stronger Hausermann clutch package was utilized. With this more powerful engine and a curb weight of less than 1,985 lbs., the factory claimed that Super 90s were capable of a 115-mph top speed while returning 27 mpg.

According to the Porsche Production Specification (PPS) certificate that accompanies the 356 B, this exceptional black Super 90 was completed by the Porsche factory on 19 September 1960. The PPS further documents that this car retains its matching numbers engine and transmission. Additionally, this documentation also verifies it was fitted with the attractive ventilated chrome option, as well as a right-side headrest, white fog lamps, and an electric clock. The attention to detail on this 356’s concours-quality restoration is remarkable, from its correctly detailed engine bay and sumptuous red leather interior, to the deep, black, mirror-gloss finish paint.To view this car and others currently consigned to this auction, please visit the RM website at rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/0120.

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