1957 Porsche 356


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1957 Speedster 356 Recreation

Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000

Engine: 1600 cc “flat” 4-cylinder
Single Carburetors / 135 bhp
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

*Fresh Built Recreation
*Functional Convertible Top
*Built on a VW Platform

The Model : It is kind of hard to believe that Porsche’s popular 356 Speedsters actually came from an idea of an American. Max Hoffman of New York was the leader with the importation of German-built sports vehicles. In the early 1950’s, he approached Porsche and told them that if they could produce a lightweight, bare-bones sports roadster, they would sell well in the USA. Porsche listened, created the Speedster and they did as Hoffman had predicted, sold well. Sleek, lightweight, no fancy appointments, not even windows in the doors, these cars became legends and were somewhat affordable by privateers who wanted to go racing but had a budget to maintain. Starting in the late 1980’s, replicas of these little Speedsters started to appear, proving that greatness spawns imitators.

The Car - This recreation is based on a Volkswagen Beetle Coupe’s chassis. Under the engine cover sits a built 1600 cc, horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine that is fitted with a single carburetor. With construction of this car completed within the past couple of months, it is fresh and ready for the road, a professional quality build that looks like the original and performs on a par with those produced back in the 1950’s. Finished in German Sterling Silver with a light Buff leather interior, this Speedster captures so much of that nostalgic era, low-cut windscreen, bare-bones interior, and great fit and finish. With original Speedster starting to hit the half-million dollar mark, here is one at a fraction of that price and 100% more enjoyable when you take it on the road.