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La voiture est dans un état de préparation exceptionnelle, menée par un trio de grands professionnels, et ne demande qu’à procurer beaucoup de plaisir à son futur propriétaire.

Une très belle voiture de rallye, au sens esthétique comme mécanique, originale et assez rare, préparée par un illustre du sport automobile à l’incroyable expérience, et prête à être engagée demain dans les rallyes les plus durs.

It was in September 1974 that the Coupe / Cabriolet was fitted with the new V6 PRV (Peugeot Renault Volvo). Engine capacity of 2,664cc, the power is at 150 bhp with a torque of 520 Nm. Curiously, the coupe will be offered with an automatic transmission as an extra, which is the case of the vehicle offered for sale.
Entered in Rallye by Peugeot in 1976 with Group 4 homologation, the 504 Coupe won the Morocco Rallye, the Bandama and the East African Safari in 1978 with driver Jean-Pierre Nicolas.
He will keep found memories of this race and this rallye car and he will purchase a production one in order to turn it into an historic rallye car, ready to compete Morocco Historic Rallye for example.
Before the car “transformation”, he has loaned it to his good racing driver friend Bjorn Waldegaard in 2010, for the Morocco Historic Rallye.
After the rallye, the work is starting under the eye of Michel Nandan, ex- technical director at Peugeot Sport, “father” of the Peugeot 206 WRC and “responsible” of the 3 world title. He is now the director of Hyundai Rallye Department.
Nandan Expert Tech will reinforce the body Helped by MATTER), modified the suspension, modify the electrics sand many other details like the alloy fuel tank with electric fuel pumps inside the boot, underneath protection, special racing dash, rear battery, embossed (because of air filter) polyester bonnet…
Jean-Pierre Nicolas will give the engine preparation to V6 PRV Specialists, Nicolas Gozillon (NG Sport). The engine is now developing around 200 - 210 bhp (the works Peugeot cars could be up to 260 bhp, but Jean-Pierre Nicolas preferred to stay around the 200 marks!). The engine is also fitted with 3 triple body carburettors.

Unfortunately, after these many years of works, Jean-Pierre Nicolas is very busy by other activities, will never really have the time to use this car (he drove it less than 500 km), and is now selling it… With emotion.
This car is in an exceptional Rallye preparation level, realised under the work of 3 amazing experts and will give immense pleasure to its new owner.
A beautiful Rallye car, very rare, prepared by a big name in motor racing, ready to compete in extreme rallyes…

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