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French registration title

Only 51,700 kilometres
First hand
Full history and notebooks
After confirming the commercial success of the 205 GTI, Peugeot wishes to continue surfing the wave of sportiness. Thus, hardly unveiled to the general public in 1987, the 405 got its claws out and received the MI 16 name on its rear trunk, and the 1905 cm3 16-valve 4-cylinder developing 160 horsepower. The era is in fashion for turbocharging, and the Sochalian brand has to face fierce competition, Renault 21 Turbo in the lead. But with its Bosh Motronic injection, the power is there up to 6500 rpm, enough to offer character and sensations at the top of the rpm count with nearly 220 km/h announced in peak. In 1992, Peugeot will propose a 405 MI 16 deeply reworked, it is the birth of the phase 2 which will be marketed until 1995. The cubic capacity is increased to 1998 cm3 while the engine loses power with 5 horsepower less, the fault of the catalytic converter which has become the norm. The engine stroke is reduced, the bore increases, as does the torque, but nothing changes, the MI 16 phase 1 remains ahead in terms of pure performance making it the most sought after of the two. At a time when the beautiful 205 GTIs have already reached crazy amounts, the 405 MI 16 still available on the market is probably the one to bet on from now on.
The one we present here is a phase 1 sold new on September 26, 1991 by the Peugeot Ortelli dealer in Cagnes-sur-Mer, for the sum of 179,000 francs, as attested by the original delivery invoice. It is then delivered with a leather interior, air conditioning and heated seats. To this day, our car still bears its first registration, simply because it is an exceptional first hand with only 51,648 kilometres. This particularly low mileage is due to the fact that the couple had bought this car when they moved south for their retirement. Living in the centre of Cagnes-sur-Mer, they only used their 405 on rare occasions. As can be seen from the maintenance book, and all the invoices, this car benefited from serious follow-up and regular maintenance in the Peugeot network. All this is illustrated when we approach the car as it is presented to us in an absolutely unique original condition. The bodywork is in very good condition and the leather interior is barely patinated. On closer inspection, it even seems that the back seat has hardly ever been used to seat passengers. Taken back to Paris for sales purposes, the car came by road and benefited from a general maintenance service. Thus, the distribution kit was changed, as well as the fuel pump, the water pump and the spark plugs. Given its mileage, its history and its general condition, this 405 MI 16 phase 1 has all the assets of a youngtimer to be collected urgently.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Paris, France, on March the 21th, 2021.
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