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French registration papers (as a historic vehicle)

- Very good overall condition
- Expert valuation in 2018 at 72,000 €
- Attractive price estimate

First presented on 20 April 1955 in Paris, the Peugeot 403 ushered in a new era for the company from Sochaux. Its body by Pininfarina heralded the start of a long partnership between the French car maker and the Italian designer. Its appearance marked a break with the now ageing 203 and its traditional three-box shape. Elegant yet restrained, its modern styling was a resounding success with the public. With its simple mechanical design, the 403 proved to be a model of reliability, using for the most part well-tried components. It would also be marketed with an Indenor diesel engine in 1959, making it the first diesel-engined French production car. The 403 Cabriolet joined the range in 1956. Equipped with the 8HP engine, the 403 Cabriolet was fitted with a Solex carburettor as well as a new cylinder head, boosting power to 61 bhp, while retaining its original ruggedness. Its distinguished looks won over a certain Peter Falk, playing Lieutenant Columbo, who solved his investigations from behind the wheel of his indefatigable 403 Cabriolet. With just 2050 cabriolets registered compared with more than 1.2 million saloons, the Peugeot was rare in its time and is even less common today.

First registered on 29 March 1957, this Peugeot 403 Cabriolet has been consigned for sale today by a discerning collector. While he was spending a few days’ holiday in the Arcachon Bay, he learned of an advertisement for the sale of a Peugeot 403 Cabriolet and decided to arrange a meeting with the owner. Enthralled by its very fine overall condition, he immediately purchased the car and then took it to his home in the south of France. Although he had not been looking to acquire this particular model, he was smitten by the 403’s combination of colours and attractive patina. Behind the wheel, the engine starts without difficulty and pulls cleanly through the revs. There is no clutch slip, the gears engage cleanly and the brakes are effective. Although it was in very good running order, its current owner decided recently to have all the fuel pipes overhauled and made safe. Supplied with a report from 2018 valuing the car at 72,000 €, this 403 Cabriolet is offered for sale at a very attractive estimated price which deserves your full attention.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Lyon, France, on November the 9th, 2019.

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