1939 Peugeot 402


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    Station Wagon
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French registration papers
Chassis no. 808550
Body no. 296
- Unique model with post-war bodywork
- Rare optional Cotal gearbox
- Excellent provenance, certified by Peugeot
Presented in 1935 to compete with Citroën’s Traction Avant, the Peugeot 402 had very innovative styling, inspired by the fashion for modern streamlined design. Its exceptionally smooth lines for the period marked a break from Peugeot’s traditional design, but the chassis and engine remained very conventional. It was built until 1941 and a full range was offered, including a saloon, cabriolet and two-door ‘coach’. In 1939, it evolved into the 402 B with a more prominent radiator grille and an enlarged boot (saloons only), while the spare wheel was now stowed inside the luggage compartment on all body styles. The engine differed from the 1938 model with the adoption of a 2142cc engine (increased from 1991cc) with wet cylinder liners. The Cotal gearbox was still available as an option and offered a more pleasant and comfortable drive, but its prohibitive price at the time - 2900 francs more than the standard gearbox - limited the number sold and makes it extremely rare on the market today.
According to the information supplied by Peugeot’s sales department, the model we are offering is a 402 B Limousine Type N5 which left the factory on 27 October 1939 to be supplied to the Air Ministry. Fitted with a Cotal gearbox, the car has a remarkable history, judging by the accounts of its previous owners. Bought just after the war from the state, it was specially re-bodied by Lourtioux (at 10 rue des Grands Près in Montluçon) at the request of its new owner, a dealer in art and antiques from central France. After his death, the car was laid up but properly stored by a neighbour, who finally bought the car some years later. It was finally acquired by its current owner in 2001 through the dealer Bruno Vendiesse. He had been looking for a distinctive car, which he moved following the seasons between the Loir-et-Cher and Saint-Tropez to drive to the market or the golf course. As soon as he bought the car, he sent it to Lecoq to attend to some cosmetic details and then got in touch with L’Aventure Peugeot to retrace its history. The car left France for Switzerland in May 2016 but is now too heavy and unwieldy for the very hilly roads around Lake Maggiore and Lugano. Its owner has therefore reluctantly decided to part with it.
Perfectly maintained and in superb original condition, its owner cannot imagine keeping the car if it cannot be driven regularly. After sharing space in his garage with some of the most beautiful cars in the world, we hope that it will join the collection of a discerning enthusiast.

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