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French registration title

The only one 309 by Dimma !
Compressor engine
10 700 kms from new

As a result of the mix between Talbot and Peugeot, the 309's mission at its launch was to stand between the sparkling 205 and the more family-friendly 405. The C28 project was developed at a time when Talbot was absorbed by the Sochaux giant and the project already had a name, the Talbot Arizona. Peugeot recovered the prototype of this small saloon car and, strong of its planetary success with the fabulous 205, launches from 1987 a sporting version, it will be the 309 GTI, taking again the same platform as the small Peugeot. It was an immediate success and the 309 GTI responded to the demand of the time to be able to transport four adults and their luggage in irreproachable comfort, even with a sporty driving. The 309 GTI with 16 valves, even more exclusive and very much used in rallyes gr N and gr A, was especially well known. From this small sedan, more expensive at the time than a 205 GTI 1.9, many rally drivers made it their hobbyhorse. The handling with wider trains was adulated by the testers of the time. Too often forgotten because in the shadow of the 205 GTI, let's not forget that Richard Burns won the Lombard RAC Rally in England at the wheel of his 309 GTI 16 in 1991.
The 309 GTI that we are presenting is an exclusive 309 GTI 16 first put on the road in February 1993. With a metallic grey colour and blue semi leather interior, it was bought new by Mr. M in Paris and then sent to Belgium to be completely overhauled and prepared by the manufacturer and tuner Dimma. In 1995 the 309 left the workshops with a special body kit, a bolted roll bar made by Matter, revised undercarriage with sublime 16 inch wheels and above all an engine preparation worthy of a race car. The preparation consists of the addition of an Opcon compressor, a specific intake pipe, a programmable electronic management system, Schrick camshafts and a stainless steel PTS manifold. The father of this achievement was the engineer Jean Gélon, a specialist in compressed engines. The power is around 240 hp. This car won’t run very much once completed. It will pass through the hands of passionate owners, including a German, before returning to France. There will only be 4 of them in 28 years and the car will not pass 11,000 kilometers on the odometer. A real rarity, Dimma will only build one and only 309 GTI with compressor. All the invoices, duplicate keys and notebooks are present with the car and justify its mileage. The test on the beautiful roads of Burgundy will reveal us an incredibly powerful but very homogeneous car. This unique model must be rediscovered today and will delight its future owner.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Paris, France, on March the 21th, 2021.
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