1988 Peugeot 205

1.3 Rallye Gr. N


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  • Competition car 
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    Original Condition
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- N group rally car
- Only 2400 kilometers from new
- Original condition

Great concept and from a bygone era when you could buy a rally car at your dealership, the 205 rally 1l3 is an icon in its own right, very different from her sister 205 GTI. We are at the end of 1987 and Peugeot knows a worldwide success with its little 205, available in several versions including the very fast and efficient GTI 1.9. Many drivers have used the Sochalienne as a base to make it a rally car devilishly effective and Peugeot is looking at the idea of a concept to make a rally car ready to run "turnkey". At the base the car had to be produced to 5000 copies for homologations in group N and A to run well in class 1300, class to which the GTI 1600 is forbidden obviously. The attractive sales price of 69,800 francs will be a hit for young sports cars enthusiasts, the myth was born, and the order book was full! Obviously in order to gain weight, the little 205 is emptied and comes in its simplest device, with PTS war colors at the four corners. It will take over the rolling stock of the GTI 1.6 but the engine will be powered by two superb Weber double body crank engine 1294 cm3 to give a power of 103 hp.

The 205 Rally that we present to you is a true race car of the time which ran rallies in the South of France in category N group. It is a witness of a time when the 205 runned the regional rallies in category N and group A. It is a historic piece because nothing has been touched on this car since its preparation in 88. The body is welded and equipped with a Matter body. All period elements are still present as the bench folded and never been used (requirement of Group N not to change the weight of the vehicle), bucket seat ... etc. the meter displays 2400 kilometers of origin and the interior still seems new. This car was stored after a short career and some participations, for nearly 25 years then saved from a long sleep by a sports car lover from the South of France who then takes care of restarting it but preserving its patina and a maximum of original elements. The engine works perfectly as well as the gearbox and the running gear. The Group N exhaust is a marvel of sound and the revs are frank.
How many 205 Rally gr N survived from this glorious but tormented time and are still in their original configuration? This car is intended for a lover, a nostalgic of this time.

It is suitable for the purchaser to make a classic car registration number or participate in HCV events with this little wonder ready to skim the specials.