1988 Peugeot 205



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Chassis number: VF320CB6207931581

- Very good original condition
- Low mileage
- Never restored

During the 1980s, the GTIs had the wind in their sails. They were successful in the market, and Volkswagen surely expected to remain the champion in this contest with its legendary Golf GTI. But VW had reckoned without Peugeot, which introduced the GTI version of its famous 205 in 1984. The little car from Sochaux arrived belatedly, after the R5 Alpine and Golf GTI, but had some strong arguments in its favour and a character all its own, to the extent that it would leave its mark on generations of car enthusiasts to come. Offered first with a 1.6-litre engine producing 105bhp, it was later sold as a 115bhp version from March 1986. Nearly 300,000 cars were built over a career lasting some ten years, making the 205 GTI one of the Peugeot factory’s greatest successes to this day.

First registered on 23 September 1987, this 115bhp 1.6-litre 205 GTI was originally owned until 2002 by a champagne grower; its registration number 1830 ST 02 can be found etched onto its windows. With nearly 78,000km (48,470 miles) then recorded, it was sold to its second owner, who kept it for three years, before it moved on to its third owner in the Seine-et-Marne ‘département’, the odometer by now reading 105,000km (65,200 miles). In 2013, two brothers who were great Peugeot fans acquired the car. The first of them kept the car registered in his name until 2016, when it became the property of the second brother, showing a recorded mileage of 129,000km (80,150 miles). This mileage is certified in a report prepared by the UTAC CERAM group, which documents all the safety inspections (‘contrôles techniques’) carried out on the car from the date of its first registration until October 2015. The car comes with numerous invoices vouching for the fact that it has been regularly maintained, as well as its original certificate of conformity with the traditional red diagonal line. Never restored, the car is in very good original condition outside and in; no options are fitted, with the exception of the period radio. In 2017, the car was valued by an expert at 13,000 €. We were completely satisfied with the car when we tested it, with its surefooted handling and willingness to rev in line with our expectations. We were offered several other 205 GTIs for this auction, but we chose this model for its authenticity and low mileage.