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French registration

17 500 km from new !
Three owners
Rare first phase version

What an event the release of the 205 GTI! Finally a French sports car that competes with the German ones. Volkswagen, within a few months, misses the release of its Golf GTI by over-growing the Golf 2 more than necessary: this benefits Peugeot. The press salutes her performance and the little Sochalienne is crowned Sports car of the year by the magazine Echappement in 1984. At last a "chic and sporty" car which will become a symbol of a whole generation. To compete with the Volkswagen Golf GTI, the true instigator of the GTI lineage, Peugeot unveils the 205 GTI 1.6 at the 1984 Geneva Motor Show. The following year, the victory of the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 in the World Rally Championship definitively established the image of the 205 GTI. Homogeneous, powerful and sold at an affordable price, it was unanimously acclaimed by journalists and enthusiasts. However, as the years go by, the competition roars. The Renault 5 GT Turbo now develops 120 bhp and Volkswagen is releasing a 16-valve version on its Golf 2. Peugeot then has no choice but to launch a more powerful version : the 1.9 litre.
The 205 that we are presenting to you has an amazing story that comes from a fairy tale. As the Peugeot Adventure certificate tells us, it was built in Sochaux at the beginning of 1987 and then imported into Spain at Barcelona by the local Peugeot dealership as a show car. In the end it was never sold to a private individual and the dealership kept it in its garage. It will remain 30 years in this way sheltered from the light but will be maintained every year to keep it in perfect mechanical condition. According to the second owner the car was stored above ground on a bridge so as not to deform the MXV tyres on contact with the ground! A Monegasque dealer in vintage cars spotted the car and bought it in 2016 and then sold it in 2017 to the second owner. The latter kept it until March 2019 when the current collector bought it at auction. In order to ensure perfect conservation, he will carry out an overhaul of the GTI but will drive it for just over 500 km only in good weather. Today the car is still in original new condition, fitted with its very rare fabric interior much rarer than the semi leather standard on the 1.9. Our test will confirm the car's great freshness: no noises disturbs the car's driving. The engine turns perfectly, the gearbox is precise and the braking is very efficient. With its very low mileage and the rarity of being a 1.9 phase 1, this 205 is intended for the most demanding collectors.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Paris, France, on March the 21th, 2021.
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