1951 Peugeot 203


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French title

Engine nø 1271849

- Rare original condition
- Well preserved leather interior
- Rare model
- No reserve

This convertible 203 had just one owner between 1977 and 2012, the date it was acquired by the vendor. This certainly helps to explain the unusually original condition it is in today. Since leaving the factory in 1951, and being registered for the first time in January 1952, the car has simply had the paintwork refreshed several years ago. The hood is new, but the blue leather upholstery has been conserved and displays a charming patina, without notable tears. The matching carpets are also original. The signs of corrosion on the lower bodywork appear to be superficial. The odometer displays 68,255 km, the engine turns over well, and the accessories specific to the car are complete, although the Michelin X tyres will need replacing. It is rare to find an example so well conserved that conforms so well to the original. What's more, this example is particularly attractive with its fully retractable hood, for the 1951 models production was limited to just 3,651 examples. This 203 convertible should therefore attract the attention of connoisseurs.