1954 Panhard Dyna

1954 Panhard Dyna Sport 750


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    Convertible / Roadster
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It is thanks to Gastone Crepaldi, a well-known Ferrari dealer in Milan, that we owe the birth of the ItalFrance team whose merit since the early 1950s was to run the Panhards, small twin-cylinder cars from the Alps.
The car we introduce is one of those having raced with the colors of the Milanese team, purchased by the gentleman driver Zerbini from Bologna. This vehicle has four participations in the Mille Miglia to its credit: from 1954 to 1957. Following its first attendance in the "most beautiful race in the world", the Panhard was rebuilt by Rimondi who gave it a sleek and aggressive line. In addition to the Mille Miglia, the Dyna Sport 750 also took part in various editions of the Bologna San Luca, the uphill car race and some circuit races in Modena.
At the end of his last Mille Miglia, the Panhard was sold to Mr. Carlo Cocchi from Bologna who kept it less than a year before selling it to Mr. Adriano Bombardini from Imola. Later, in 1959, Mr. Pierino Riboli from Varese buys the Dyna at a cost of 150,000 lire. More than twenty years later, in 1982, the current owner purchased the car that was in a state of neglect even if it was intact in all its parts and he carried out a careful and meticulous restoration that brought it back to its former glory. Used until the mid-1990s, following a crash, the Panhard was completely restored while retaining most of its bodywork, except the right front fender.
Completed by a photographic dossier and substantial documentation, including the competitions it raced, the Panhard Dyna Sport 750 is a car with a significant past and history. A sure entrance ticket to attend the Mille Miglia and other major events driving a genuine sports barchetta.