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    Aguttes - Autumn Sale 2020 - 83
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Chassis n° 35052

- Well restored
- Matching engine
- Lightness and performance

At the dawn of the First World War, Panhard & Levassor still sits at the top of national production, constantly showing innovation, performance, comfort and luxury for a market that is not yet accessible to the general public. The manufacturer also shines in competition and counts among its drivers names like Henri Farman, Le Chevalier René de Knyff or even Charles Rolls himself. The X19 is an intermediary in the manufacturer's range. Far from large engines over 20 HP, it is powered by a four-cylinder 2150 cm3 developing 10 HP. The novelty of this engine is that it is cast in a single block, which makes it possible to gain in compactness. It is nonetheless efficient and light. This SU4E engine is one of the last valve engines used by the manufacturer. Produced from 1912 to 1921, this chassis could accommodate several bodies including 2 or 4 seater torpedoes. In ten years, 3020 copies of the Panhard X19 have been produced.

The X19 that we are presenting was certainly sold by the A. Dutemple garage in Ivry. It is distinguished by a large radiator and large diameter headlights. Its interior is divided into two parts. The front part with two separate seats and the rear part with a bench. Access to the driving position is surprising since to get into the steering wheel which is on the right, you have to go through the left door. Another surprising fact is the fuel filler cap which is right in the middle of the dashboard. The car has a 4 speed gearbox with an H grid unlike most cars of that period which had an inline system. Our copy was fully restored a few years ago and is now in very good condition. Only its engine will require a restart.

Aguttes – Auction House in Paris
The Autumn Sale 2020 / 13th of December

Public Viewing:
On appointment only

Contact: +33 1 47 45 93 01 / [email protected]

The Auction Sale:
Sunday 13 December: 15:00 PM

164 bis avenue Charles de Gaullle
92 200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

For more information:
Contact: +33 1 47 45 93 01 / +33 6 16 91 42 28 / [email protected]


164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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