1948 Packard Deluxe


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Designer: Edward Macauley

Estimate: $20,000 ­ - $28,000

Chassis Number: 2262­39110
Decoded: 22=22nd Series; 62=Deluxe “8” 4­dr sedan; 39110=Unit Sequence
Engine: 288 cid L­-head in­line 8­cylinder
2­-barrel Carburetor / 130 bhp
3­-Speed Manual Transmission with Column Shift
Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes
Mileage: 66,570

● Sales Winning “Bathtub” Design
● Restored to Authentic Standards
● Luxury for the Medium Priced Buyer

The Model: After the end of World War II, everyone wanted to bring out new, modern looking cars for the American buying public. With a move to a more slab-­sided era the new 1948 Packards were met with mixed results. Many automotive writers of the day praised the streamlined looks and tasteful use of chrome, while other felt the designs looked heavy and sloth­like. Regardless, Packard assembly lines were busier than ever with the best sellers belonging to the Standard and Deluxe Eight models. Four-­door sedans were perfect for the growing post­war family yet offered enough luxury to take friends out for a night on the town. Packard’s 8­cylinder engine was still among the most powerful, and the list of amenities included in these cars was at an all­time high. You could still get a pretty impressive response when you asked the man who owned one, what he thought of his automobile.

The Car: Preserved vehicles are in the most sought after segment in the collector­ car hobby today, and this 1948 Packard is a perfect example of an original. Finished in its two­-tone scheme of Egyptian Sand with an Aztec Brown roof, the interior features brown ­checkered broadcloth fabrics in a richly detailed interior compartment. Check out that “Console­Key” dash panel, with all of the instruments still in their original luster, and which at night are illuminated with the “Flite­ Glo” black ­light system. Factory accessories include AM radio, in-­dash clock and heater­/defroster. Attesting to its originality, a number of vintage oil ­change stickers from the Newburg, Oregon area can be seen in the driver’s side door jamb. Under the hood looks much like did when delivered new, and the engine purrs to life with the touch of a button. It is quite possible that when you own this car, others will be asking the man, or lady, who owns this beauty.