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    53 011 km / 32 940 mi
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    Original Condition
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A Japanese Legend

An icon comparable to the Shelby mustangs in the west, the Skyline 2000GT-R features a straight-six, twin-cam, triple carbureted engine that redlines at 7500RPM, which make it a thrilling car to drive. This 2000GT-R Hakosuka will likely be the most original example that you will ever have the chance to buy. It’s originality is breathtaking and just perfectly balanced with sympathetic cosmetic upkeep. You can search Japan for a very long time and never come across another car like this.

This Cars Past

Following an extensive and lengthy search in Japan, aided by a former Le Mans Japanese Race Car driver, this fine example was purchased privately from it's second owner in 2013 by one of the USA's most highly regarded JDM collectors. It was added to his collection, titled in the USA and serviced regularly. This is a very original Skyline, which has a Sport Corner service plate in the engine bay, indicating that it had service history from Tokyo Sport Corner. This is a big plus for the JDM enthusiast. It has it’s original owner’s manual, which is very rare. The old and wrinkled GTROC decal in the rear window is an indication of long-term enthusiast ownership, like seeing an old “PCA” badge in an early Porsche 911.

History of the GT-R

The first GT-R was launched in February 1969 as a four-door sedan (type PGC10). It was powered by the race-derived S20 engine, which featured dual overhead camshafts, a cross-flow head with four valves per cylinder, and a hemispherical combustion chamber fed by triple dual-throat Mikuni-Solex side-draft carburetors. A two-door coupe version (KPGC10), known as the Hardtop or H/T, would debut in October 1970 and ultimately be introduced to the public in March 1971. It is believed that only 1,113 GT-R Coupes were produced between 1970 and 1972. Nissan stripped the GT-R down to its bare essentials, as they intended to conquer the Japanese Grand Prix series, and conquer they did. The PGC10 and KPGC10 Hakosuka Skylines racked up an indomitable 46 straight and outright class wins and more than 50 overall wins over a three-year run, cementing the GT-R legend.


This GT-R has had one repaint in it’s original color, had the driver’s seat reupholstered to a very correct standard, had an antenna fitted to the passenger side rear quarter and currently sits on a set of period Watanabe rims. It previously had an aftermarket stereo fitted, which was removed and which has left a space in the center console. The engine bay is beautifully original and you’ll notice the never-painted blue air cleaner, which is the color from new. Most were later painted red, due to the popularity of the Z432R and Kenmeri Skyline which sported red air cleaners. This GT-R also retains most of it’s original interior, it’s original steering wheel, shift knob, radio, owner’s manual and tools.

Market Trends

Like so many cars from the 60's, 70's and 80's, the Nissan Skylines are iconic to a wide variety of collectors and enthusiasts. In the USA, we came to the party a little bit late and our earliest memories of the Skyline tend to be of the 80's version. Recent sales and auction results indicate that the western collectors who’ve become exposed to these thrilling earlier machines have realized that these belong in the same collections as Porsches, Ferraris and Jaguars of the era. The only public sale of a KPGC10 Skyline 2000GT-R was by RM in Monterey 2014. That was a “slightly over-restored” example, which sold for an “all in” cost to the buyer of $242,000. A slightly later 1973 'Kenmeri” variant, which was offered in “slightly better than average” condition was sold at RM's Monterey auction in 2015 for $176,000.


There are only a handful of genuine Hakosuka Skylines in the USA, so you're not likely to see another for sale very soon and you will spend a lot of time and money trying to find a car like this on your own in Japan. Here is a wonderfully original example that's already in the USA and titled.

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