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1987 Nissan President Sovereign-VIP 4-dr Formal Sedan

Designer: Nissan Motors

Estimate: $15,000 - $30,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: H252016263

Decoded: H252=President; 016263=Unit Sequence

Engine: 4414 cc OHV V8

Fuel Injection/220 bhp (est.)

4-Speed Automatic Transmission

Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes with ABS

Odometer: 89,265 KM

Rarely Seen in America

Outstanding Luxury

Proven and Reliable Drive Train

The Model - Twenty years after the end of the second World War, Japan was emerging as a technical and industrial giant. Prior to the war, private ownership of an automobile was something reserved for only the wealthiest. Just as in Europe, after the war, everybody wanted to own a car in Japan, but streets were narrow, parking and land for garages was at a premium, and the price of fuel quite high. As a result, most cars produced on the island nation were compact and economical to buy, own and maintain. But there were still those of means who wanted or needed a larger luxury sedan. While the ability to import such cars from the USA or Europe, Nissan Motors answered the need with the introduction of the President sedan. First released in 1965, was the full-size (by American standards) President Formal Sedan. Production numbers were consistently small, but this was an exclusive machine. Several generations of the President were produced with the Sovereign VIP package introduced in 1985. Plush seating with broadcloth for all occupants, privacy curtains and a very solid body that was well insulated against outside noises were hallmarks of the President by Nissan.

The Car - This is an original example sold new to Nissan's home market, and has come to the American shores in recent years. It is a right-hand-drive unit and while some of the controls are marked with Japanese characters, English is used for all the important controls related to the operation of the car, climate control, and audio entertainment. Finished in deep black, the Sovereign VIP package is fitted with fine broadcloths in both the front and rear seating compartment. Seat tops are protected with fancy lace covers while the back seat passengers can enjoy the comfort of padded foot rests and concealed in the fold-down center arm-rest are controls for the AM-FM/Cassette audio system plus air conditioning and heating. Those luxury rear seats can also be heated on a cold winter's day. While the odometer shows just under 89,300 KM, this translates into loosely 55,500 miles. Under the hood is pure stock and the car glides silently on 14" radial tires as specified by the factory. A very well maintained vehicle that is rarely seen in the USA, this could be a rare chance to own something very special.

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