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    24 480 km / 15 212 mi
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    Pearl White
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Mileage: 24,480km*
* Odometer has been replaced at 22,688km on 7th September 2014.
Current meter shows 1,792km and all records after replacement is available.

- Only one owner (Kansai Service)
- Has been used as a demo car for testing and exhibited at shows
- With service records, warranty, owner's manual and 2 smart keys
- No repair

Large capacity fuel pump KRM012 550cc (12 injectors)
Intake and exhaust: HKS racing suction reloaded 70020-AN013/ Kansai circuit spec muffler (prototype)
Cooling: HKS GT 1000 SPEC/ Intercooler kit 13001-AN015 HKS DCT/ Oil cooler kit 27002-AN002
Drive: HKS GR6 Reinforced transmission (with clutch pack) 27003-AN014/
Reinforced oil pan for HKS transmission 27001-AN001/ Kansai Front LSD Spec3/
Kansai Rear LSD Spec2 Hybrid Pro Adjust
Suspension: HKS Hypermax III sport Kansai Spec/ Kansai Stabilizer Set KSN030/
Kansai Front Short Upper Link KSN320B/ Kansai Rear Circuit Link KSN321
Brake: Kansai Brake/ Cooling Air Guide KBN001 ENDLESS Racing MONO 6&6r/ System Inch Up Kit
Electrical: HKS EVC V (R35 exclusive)/ HKS A/F Knock Amplifier 44006-AK003/
HKS Circuit Attack Counter 44007-AK001/ HKS ATSC (Active Torque Split Computer) 45006-AN001/
Kansai Sports ECM Ver2/ Kansai Sports TCM
Exterior: Genuine Hyper LED Headlight/ Kansai Front Hook (Retractable) Orange KHN111 Ball lock type/
Kansai carbon front lip type 2 & brake duct set KAN094/ Kansai carbon front under panel (prototype)/
Kansai carbon canard KAN096 Changed to twin type/ Kansai Front Wide Fender KAN100C/
Kansai Carbon Side Step KAN078/ Kansai Carbon Rear Under Spoiler KAN079/
Kansai Carbon Rear Diffuser Fin KAN080/ Kansai Carbon Rear Wing GTSpec/
Kansai Rear Wide Fender KAN102/ SEIBON Dry Carbon Engine Hood TYPE VS II/ SEIBON Carbon Front Grill
Tyres and Wheels: YOKOHAMA ADVAN A052 285/35ZR20/ YOKOHAMA ADVAN Racing GT 20×11.0J +5
Interior: Sabelt GT300/ Bucket Seat Left/Right/ Kansai Floor Mat Front/Rear Set KYN012/
MCR Paddle System/ NARDI φ340 Steering wheel

TPE Ltd.
1201 6-12-7 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku
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