1957 Nash Metropolitan


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Designer: William J. Flajole

Estimate: $15,000 -­ $20,000

Chassis Number: E32374
Decoded: E=Metropolitan; 32374=31,374th Metropolitan scheduled for assembly
Engine: 1489 cc OHV in­line 4-­cylinder
1-­barrel Carburetor / 52 bhp
3-­Speed Column­-Shift Manual Transmission
Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes
Mileage: 19,112

● Highly Sought After Early Micro­Car
● Economical to Own and Operate
● Perfect for Parades and Exhibitions

The Model: Back in the early 1950’s, Rambler gained a reputation for producing economical and dependable small cars that still fit in a full­size car world. The success of Rambler led George Romeny, President of Nash, to believe America was ready for a sub­compact car, enter the designs of William J. Flajole. Using styling cues from both the Nash Ramblers, the Austin Motorworks in England began to produce and import them. Some of the first models imported into the USA were actually tagged as the NKI­Custom, the NKI representing the Nash-Kelvinator International Corporation. Among the way improvements were made to the body, a larger power­plant was installed and starting in 1956, a stylish two-­toning option was made available. With just over 95,000 units produced during its run, the Metropolitan is today treasured by a large number collector from around the globe, celebrating what may well have been the first “World Car”.

The Car: Over the past few years the interest in smaller cars has been growing at a pace far ahead of many other segments of the hobby, and leading the way have been the little Metropolitans. While early examples had been marketed under both the Hudson and Nash brands, by 1957 they were marketed simply as the Metropolitan 1500 by AMC, such as the example presented here. Restored a number of years ago in its original color scheme of Caribbean Blue and Snowberry White, the interior has been done in white vinyl with black fabric inserts. It is also equipped with an original radio designed for the Met’s dashboard, as well as a heater/­defroster while the wheels are fitted with hubcaps and trim rings. Reported to start easy and run out quite well, this little gas-­sipper would make an excellent driver­-quality collectible that would put a little bit of fun in your hobby.