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From the estate of the late Brian Moore
1922 Morris Oxford 11.9hp Light Tourer
Registration no. BH 8844
Chassis no. 12636

"Very few new cars find a way straight to the heart of the motor user with the speed and completeness that attended the debut of the original Morris Oxford and later the Morris Cowley cars." - Autocar, 2nd August 1919.

One of the best known and most readily recognised vintage cars, the 'Bullnose' Oxford had its roots in the Edwardian era. The first examples, fitted with 8.9hp White & Poppe engines, were manufactured in 1913, embodying Morris' successful formula of offering technically unexciting but well built and well equipped cars at a bargain price. Production at Morris's Cowley factory began in March 1913 and by the end of the year 393 cars had been sold.

The Oxford and its close relation, the Continental-engined Cowley, evolved gradually, both models switching to engines made by Hotchkiss' Coventry subsidiary in 1919. A close copy of the Continental, the Hotchkiss engine was made in 1,548cc, 11.9hp form initially, a larger (1,802cc) 13.9hp version becoming available in 1923. A more conventional flat-fronted radiator replaced the distinctive 'Bullnose' type in late 1926, by which time four-wheel brakes had become standardised on the Oxford chassis. All-steel bodies, built under licence granted by the American Budd concern, were another new introduction that year. Easy to drive and maintain, the Bullnose Oxford was Britain's most popular car prior to the arrival of the Austin Seven.

An example of the 'Light' four-door four-seat tourer model, 'BH 8844' has travelled with the Moore family to Australia, Canada (Expo in 1967) and also South Africa. Restored by Brian Moore prior to 1970, the Morris was last used in 2004 on a VSCC event. The car is finished in dark blue with black wings, grey interior trim, and a black canvas hood, while noteworthy features include a single side-mounted spare wheel and rear-wheel brakes. Offered with an old-style green logbook and a V5 registration document, it represents a relatively affordable entry into the world of Vintage-era motoring.

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