1947 Morgan F4


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Property of a deceased's estate
1947 Morgan F4 Roadster Project(see text)
Registration no. BRN 241
Chassis no. 641

H F S Morgan's first three-wheeler of 1910 coincided with an upsurge of interest in cyclecars. Its superior power-to-weight ratio enabled Morgan's humble, three-wheeled cyclecar to outperform many a larger engined four-wheeler, and its maker was not slow to capitalise on his creation's competition potential. A Gold Medal in the 1911 London-Exeter-London Reliability Trial with Morgan himself driving was followed by victory in the inaugural cyclecar race at Brooklands the following year, Harry Martin taking the chequered flag three minutes ahead of the field. Of simple construction with front-mounted motorcycle engine and two-speed chain transmission, the Morgan was light, fast and economical to run.

V-twin engines from a wide variety of manufacturers were employed, though those from J A Prestwich predominated. Competition from small sports cars forced the adoption of a three-speeds-and-reverse gearbox in 1931, the last two-speed model leaving the factory the following year. A more refined version - the F4, with 8hp Ford Model Y four-cylinder power unit - appeared soon after and later would form the basis of the first four-wheeled Morgan. The F4 three-wheeler was last catalogued in 1950.

Sadly, its owner having died, there was little information regarding this incomplete Morgan F4 Roadster. The only documentation consists of an old-style V5 and an old-style continuation logbook, the latter recording that the late owner acquired the Morgan in 1964. The logbook lists the model as F4 but the engine capacity is given as 1,172cc, suggesting that it is in fact an F Super or has had an engine swap. It is hoped that further information will have come to light by time of sale. Nothing is known of the mechanical condition of this car, which accordingly is sold strictly as viewed.