2002 MG TF

Brand new example


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2002 MG TF

- Brand new example
- Just 26 miles since new
- Always properly and warm stored
- The chance to buy a band new MG TF

When the MGF was launched on 8 March 1995, the impact it made on the press and public was significant. Following over a decade of Rover’s Anglo-Japanese products, RV8 aside, here was the first all-British car produced by Rover since the Austin Montego.
And as CAR Magazine related at the time, ‘even more heart-warming is that some of the people involved with it are figures from some of the happier chapters of British Leyland’s troubled past like Dr Alex Moulton, Engineer Brian Griffin who is the son of Charles Griffin, once the engineering chief of Austin-Morris, while Peter Parker, who worked on MG’s variable-valve-control system, cut his teeth on Austin’s experimental gas-turbine cars.’

The press loved the car and the MGF was soon making friends in the showrooms, too. The MG was welcomed back into the realms of mainstream sports cars sales were brisk and the car enjoyed a very positive image.
Following the launch of the Rover 200 and 400, the MGF soon became a member of the Rover ‘Niche’ line-up, which included the 200 Cabriolet, Coupe and Tourer and it began to win new custom for the company.
Certainly, the MGF compared with the then-current crop of opposition, which included the Fiat Barchetta and Mazda MX-5. Where the MGF scored heavily against both cars was because of its mid-engined layout and cuddly, but sexy looks.

Autocar was impressed with the new car and it showed in their road test verdict of the 1.8i version: ‘It would have been so easy for Rover to stick an MG badge on the nose of a mediocre car and once more rely on the marque’s image to do the selling. This has not happened. Rover has instead created what is, in all probability, the world’s most complete and affordable open two-seater. From traditional MG fans to those wanting something more stylish than the chopped-about hatchbacks that pass for convertibles these days, the MGF should prove a blessing. It is an all-British car of which we can be unusually proud.’

Plans were already afoot to thoroughly update the MGF, though – and, in January 2002, the results were launched: the MGTF.
The renamed MGTF evoked memories of its 1953 forebear, but only the nameplate was common. The new car was totally contemporary and, unlike many facelifts, the results of Peter Stevens’ work were totally successful, stylistically.

This is MG is such a TF version and the car has always been kept in a collection and was never used.
The odometer only shows 27 miles and therefore the car is in brand new condition.

We will make a very short description about both the exterior and interior condition of the MG as the car is brand new so one cannot find any signs of use.

The MG has always been carefully stored in a heated storage under a cover.

The result is a car which can best described as brand new.

Due to the fact that the car has never been used the interior of the MG is brand new.

As an option we can deliver a hardtop on the car to make the MG even more complete.

Without wanting to lapse into stereotypes, there really is something about driving an MG with the roof down through country lanes on a summer's day.
The handling of the MG is due to the mid engine absolutely fantastic. The MG is fast and responses very quickly.

The MG can be driven relaxed for a holiday tour but it will certainly give a huge smile on the face when racing her on a circuit.

With the hardtop the MG is even very practical in wintertime.

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