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To be OFFERED AT AUCTION at Auctions America’s Fort Lauderdale event, April 1-3, 2016.

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$ 45,000 - $ 50,000 US

MGs enjoyed successes in racing for 20 years, until WWII interrupted and production shifted to bomber parts. By 1945, however, the firm was back in business producing prewar designs. The new TC was an instant hit with American servicemen stationed in England. Despite its rather rudimentary design, which includes a flexible ladder-type chassis and solid axle front and rear suspension, the car is blessed with surprising agility. It is powered by a simple 1,250-cc, 54-hp cast iron, four-cylinder engine that enables a top speed near 80-mph and has a leisurely acceleration that adds to its old-fashioned appeal.

Bred true to its type, the MG TC Series possessed all of the stamina and resilience of its famed predecessors. Chief among its many virtues were lively acceleration, lightning response to controls, superb braking characteristics and inherent roadworthiness. Wherever there’s a gathering of fine British cars, it goes without saying that MG will be there.

The consigner describes this as “an older restoration that still looks fresh.” Although it was restored many years ago by New England brothers and well-known and respected collectors Allen “Ollie” and Donnie Carlson, the car was used sparingly following restoration and then put up on jacks. Only recently has the car emerged from long-term storage.

It is painted factory-correct Clipper Blue with a Vellum Tan interior and top and it comes equipped with side curtains, windwings, knock-off wire wheels, fold-down windscreen and rear-mounted matching spare. It is likely an early 1948 production TC, as evidenced by the wood dash panel and the firewall painted in gray/green.

The car represents one of 3,085 TC’s produced for 1948, and it makes a lovely presentation that will be a wonderful addition to any British car lover’s eclectic collection.
1948 MG TC Roadster

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