1938 MG TA


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Chassis: TA 2029
Engine Type: 4 Cylinder In-Line OHV
Power: 50 HP at 4.500 revs/min
Max Speed 130 Kph
ACI Technical passport no. I 9314N
Denmark FIA – Dansk Automobil Sports Union n. DK-5072
Class FIA: OS 6

The History
The T-Type is a car produced by Morris Garages from 1936 to 1955 in the TA, TB, TC, TD and TF Midget models.
The T-Types were sports cars with separate chassis, front engine, four-speed gearbox and rear-wheel drive.
When the TA Midget was unveiled, it replaced the PB model with substantial modifications such as the Wolseley head valve thruster with modified camshaft and ducts and a double-body carburetor. It had a displacement of 1,292 cm³ and output power of 50 hp at 4,500 rpm.
The four-speed manual gearbox had the two highest gears synchronized and there were also hydraulic brakes with 230 mm drums.
Much TA came out of the house with open roadster bodywork, two doors and ash wood frame with sofa seats and, behind them, a space was created for the transport of the cargo.
In 1938, the two-port convertible version was introduced.
Produced in 252 pieces, it had more luxurious features than those of the roadster.
The capote had three different positions: fully open, fully closed and open only above the seats. The latter were singles, and there was a whole set of mats. The vehicles were supplied with a small body part mounted on the chassis so that the Newport Pagnell coachman could complete the car. Coupe models were also produced over the years.
The model, in the standard version, reached 130 kph of maximum speed and had an acceleration of 0 to 97 km/h in 23.1 seconds.
When the model was introduced, it was called the T-Type, and only after the advent of TB was it called TA.

The car belonged to a well-known Danish collector who participated with this MG TA in several international events.
The car is in excellent mechanical condition, ready to participate in races or historical re-enactments.
The midnight blue paint is in excellent condition. Original front grille.
External switch of the electrical system with locking lever.
Modified cockpit, with installation of rollbar and certified fire-extinguisher.
The floor inside is covered in sheet metal.
Dashboard instrumentation (partly preserved) with Jaeger tachometer, fully working.
Three-spoke Moto-Lita metal steering wheel. There are no internal panels on the doors.
In the tail of the car there is the petrol tank with two metal nozzles with lever retainer.
Single nut wheels.
Front and rear towing hook.
The car does not lack its originality with modifications that, although not original, contribute to increase the appeal of this charming "British" and are necessaries for races.
The perfect car for those collectors looking for an MG TA for participation in historic rallies and track trials.
It is possible to view the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.

2007 – Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix
2007 – MGCC 57 Silverstone International -MG Club
2008 – MG Silverstone International Featuring – MG Club
2009 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix
2010 – MG Live Silverstone -MG Club
2011 – Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix