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1933 MG Magna L1 to Magnette K3 Specification
Registration no. TAS 513
Chassis no. L0472
Engine no. 783AL

'The K3 Magnette must rank in the history books as the most famous and successful of all the record breaking MGs. With only 33 examples produced during 1933 and 1934 this car alone gave an incredible boost to the marque and established MG firmly in the forefront of the world motor racing and record breaking league.' - Richard Monk, The MG Collection.

The K series of Magnette sports cars was announced at the London Motor Show in 1932, the racing K3 being based on the short-wheelbase chassis of the two-seater K2 roadster. The Ks used an overhead-camshaft six-cylinder engine similar to that of the existing Magna series, but downsized to 1,087cc to gain entry into racing's 1,100cc Class G, success in which was considered vital by MG boss Cecil Kimber. For the K series, MG's long-stroke 'six' received a cross-flow cylinder head, and in the K3's case induction was by means of a Power Plus supercharger driven off the crankshaft nose and fed by a single SU carburettor. Power - up to 120bhp could be obtained depending on the state of tune - was transferred to the road wheels via an ENV Wilson pre-selector gearbox.

During the winter of 1932/33, two K3 prototypes were tested - one on the Monte Carlo Rally and the other in Italy in preparation for the forthcoming Mille Miglia. One of the toughest challenges in motor sport, the latter had been dominated by Italian makes and a home victory in the '33 event was considered a foregone conclusion. Un-fancied MG entered a team of three K3s driven by Early Howe/Hugh Hamilton, George Eyston/Count Lurani and Henry Birkin/Bernard Rubin, confounding the pundits with an astonishing 1, 2 finish in their class as well as the team prize. This magnificent victory vindicated Kimber's decision to build the K3, which remained at the very top of its class in international motor racing for the next few years and today is one of the most sought after of all MGs.

Manufactured on 8th June 1933 and registered with the Triple M Register, this Magnette K3 recreation has been built by Peter Gregory using a Magna L1 chassis and engine to two-seat, pointed tail, K3 specification. Other noteworthy features include an original Marshall supercharger with Elektron casing; an ENV pre-selector gearbox; and a Bellevue Garage-style radiator cover.

Between 1995 and 2002 the MG belonged to Peter Green, and after Peter Gregory's ownership belonged to C E Jones (2002 to 2003) and then Rob Stansfield. The car raced with the VSCC between 2003 and 2006, with 26 races recorded and a 2nd place finish in the Triple M Championship.

Considerable refurbishment was undertaken earlier this year (2015) with in excess of £20,000 being spent. Works included fitting a second aero screen; a full supercharger rebuild by Derek Chinn; new cylinder head complete with valves, guides, springs and seats, supplied by Mike Dowley; cylinder head and engine block Drydecked; block re-bored and fitted with forged racing pistons from Baynton Jones; new steel con-rods; Allen steel crankshaft; engine fully balanced by Swaymar Marine; dynamo and starter overhauled; brake hydraulics rebuilt; steering box overhauled; supercharger blow-off valve overhauled; Scintilla magneto overhauled; cam drive bevels changed; and new cam bearings. The engine is lubricated with Castrol R and still has to be run in, it currently has fewer than 15 miles on it. UK registered and perfectly usable on the road, this superb K3 re-creation comes with sundry restoration invoices, FIVA Passport and VSCC 'Buff Form'.

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