1932 MG F

F Magna F2 " Foursome " Coupé


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  • Chassis number 
    F.O. 625
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UK registration

- The charm of a British pre-war Coupé
- Very fine original condition and regular maintenance
- 'Mini-Blue Train'
- One of only three surviving examples

The MG F Magna was made solely in 1931 and 1932. It was equipped with a small Wolseley 1271cc six-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft, and formed an intermediate option between the Midget and the 18/80. It was produced with various types of coachwork, as was common at the time; the charm of the present model, styled a "Foursome Coupé", is enhanced by the enclosed bodywork allied to the car's small volume. Just three examples of this rare version of the MG F - nicknamed the 'Mini Black Train' - have survived.
It is in fine original condition, with patina that accentuates its elegant appearance, and is in splendid working order. The sunroof and apple-green interior, with its fold-down rear seats, are in perfect harmony with the aura of this handsome Coupé. The car has clocked up limited mileage since its beguilingly sonorous engine was restored, and retains its original number-plates, corresponding to its UK registration.
This is a truly seductive MG, perhaps best described as a 'sublime work of sculpture.'