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    Convertible / Roadster
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    95 BHP / 97 PS / 71 kW
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VEHICLE HISTORY: The red MGB offered by Ardor Auctions left the factory in 1976. The current owner bought the car in Switzerland over 10 years ago, still equipped with black plastic bumpers. The car underwent full renovation, which included body works, a new paint job and a complete mechanical inspection. The car's looks improved thanks to the chrome bumpers. The interior was also refreshed. Currently, several years after the renovation, the car works and looks very well. The car was driven by the wife of the current owner only on hot summer days and otherwise spent most of the time in a dry and heated garage. Owing to its relatively simple construction, the MGB is an excellent first vintage car to own and would be certainly appreciated by its future owner during summer rides, for which this model is perfect.

MODEL HISTORY: MG MGB continues MG’s line of relatively inexpensive, lightweight sports cars, started by the MG Midget in 1961. It went on sale in 1962 and was distinguished by a monocoque structure. At a time when all the competitors were still using body-on-frame structure, this was a huge innovation. It was also one of the first cars on the market to utilize crumple zones, which were designed to protect the driver during a head-on crash into a non-deformable barrier at speeds up to 48 kilometres an hour. Initially, the only version on sale was one with a removable roof. Three years later, the line-up was joined by a hatchback coupé version, called MGB GT. Later on, two more varieties were introduced: a six-cylinder MGC and an eight-cylinder MGB GT V8. First of the aforementioned varieties was a two-seater (for a brief moment, a small back seat was available as an optional extra, but was very rarely chosen by customers), while the second had just enough room to fit four people inside (2+2 layout). The MGC version was available in either coupé or roadster guise, whereas the GT V8 was sold exclusively with a fixed roof. At the bottom of the engine line-up in Britain there was a four-cylinder, 1.8-litre engine developing 95 BHP. The car was also sold on the American market, where its engine had to be tuned down to just 70 BHP at some point, as a result of making it compliant with US environmental laws. The US-version was also distinguished by different bumpers (also referred to as "five-mile bumpers"), which also had to be changed due to American safety regulations. MG MGB was manufactured till 1980. Overall, 524 000 examples were produced in different versions.

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