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    56 739 mi / 91 313 km
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"The MGB is a sports car launched in May 1962 to replace the MGA. Introduced as a four-cylinder roadster, a coupé with 2+2 seating was added in 1965. The MGB was a relatively modern design at the time of its introduction, utilising a monocoque structure instead of the traditional 'body-on-frame' construction used on both the MGA and MG T-types. The lightweight design reduced manufacturing costs while adding to overall vehicle strength. Wind-up windows were standard and a comfortable driver's compartment offered plenty of legroom. The MGB's performance was considered brisk at the time of its introduction with a 0-60mph time of just over 11 seconds aided by the relatively lightweight of the car. Handling was one of the MGB's strong points. The three-bearing 1798cc B-Series engine produced 95bhp at 5400rpm and the engine was upgraded in October 1964 to a five-bearing crankshaft in an effort to improve reliability. The MGB was one of the first cars to feature controlled crumple zones designed to protect the driver and passenger in a 30mph impact.
This good looking MGB was registered on 23rd December 1968 and presents extremely well in the striking colour combination of black with a piped red interior and black roof. The looks of this desirable MG are enhanced by wire wheels with ‘knock off’ spinners. An updated stereo completes the driving pleasure, and we are informed by the vendor that XDH 999G is a joy to drive. Offered to auction with a V5C registration document, this sensibly priced roadster is ready for a new owner on what will soon be its 53rd birthday.