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  • Mileage 
    25 000 km / 15 535 mi
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MGA from 1958.

Vehicle professionally refurbished down to the chassis, complete with cleaning; replacement of defective sheet metal parts; repairs to hollow parts, chassis; and special treatment on aluminium, primer and "Red Orient" paintwork after stripping down of the bodywork, just like when it left the factory.

Details of the restoration:

New front disc brakes, 6 new Dunlop Rudge chromed rims, 4 Continental tyres on which the car has been driven for 7,500 km (both spare wheels are new).

The water radiator has been cleaned and painted by a specialist and the water pump is new.

Exhaust box, oil cooler, new + powerful fan. (no overheating at an average of 70°/90°).

The fan is not the one in the pictures.

Sun visors, and small side window deflectors, new rear view mirrors. Only the sliding windows have not been restored; their rubber seals are worn.

A 5-speed gearbox improves comfort, speed and consumption (the 4-speed gearbox supplied with the car has been removed, and almost all the parts changed). Engine completely professionally rebuilt; new crankshaft, pistons, valves, bearings, valve guides, camshaft, flywheel, rings, cylinder head, and head cover (in aluminium).

New electronic ignition, aviation hoses. Carburettors restored, all worn brass parts replaced, glass jar fuel filter.

New starter, starter cables, wire and cable grommets, choke, heater box and valve (the heating works!).

Odometer in kmh and not in mph; the car was restored and left with 15,942 km on the odometer (to be deducted from the final mileage at the time of the sale). New oil/water gauge, new fuel gauge, tank drained and cleaned.

Headlamps and fog lamps are new.

AMCO luggage rack in stainless steel, with space for the spare wheel, so that it does not hit the hood when opening the boot. The wheel fits on a Rudge spindle, screwed on with a chromed MGB nut. The door locks, rubber seals, door edge guards and backrest seals as well as the carpets are new.

The brass and leather hammer, the jack and the screen are included.

Invoices and documentation are available.

Very good condition: minimal signs of wear