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  • Car type 
    Convertible / Roadster
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• Professionally restored
• Eligible for the Mille Miglia
• Ideal for regularity races
• ASI and FIVA certified
• Equipped with its original leather tool bag
The MGA was considered the first true post-war MG. Created to replace the old T-Series, the MGA combined a newly developed rigid chassis with Austin's B-Series engine, ideal for sporty driving. Despite being conceived as an evolution of the TF, the MGA was a successful and truly superior car compared to previous models. The sleek and attractive aerodynamic bodywork attracted the favour of many enthusiasts. In one year, the MG produced 13,000 units of the MGA.
This 1957 model belongs to the first series and was originally intended for the American market. Imported to Italy in 1991, it underwent a total restoration that lasted 2 years and was ASI approved in 1992. Always used in regularity competitions such as the Winter Marathon, it also appeared in various trade magazines in the last 30 years. Sold in 2019 to the current owner, the machine underwent several mechanical interventions including: replacement of brake and clutch pump unit, brake register, fluid change and a carburettor and distributor overhaul.
The car is equipped with its original tool bag, tonneau and side windows and is ready to use. As elegant yesterday as today, this splendid English roadster is without doubt one of the most enjoyable sports cars of the golden years of motoring. Usable and fun to drive, this MGA will give its new owner the pleasure of driving en plain air.