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    44 600 km / 27 714 mi
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Messerschmitt FMR KR 200, Matching numbers, Monza red, 44,600 km.

- Matching numbers engine
- Heating
- Chrome luggage rack
- New Plexiglas hood
- Small clock

The Messerschmitt KR200, or Kabinenroller (Cabin Scooter), is a three-wheeled 'bubble car' designed by aircraft engineer Fritz Fend and produced at the factory of German aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt from 1955 until 1964. Messerschmitt, temporarily banned from manufacturing aircraft, had diverted its resources to making other products. n 1952, Herr Fend approached Messerschmitt with the idea of producing small motor vehicles. these were based on his Fend Flitzer invalid carriage.

Our red Messerschmitt FMR KR 200, 1962.
Part of the history written after restoration on 13-02-2006 by Petri and Anitta Santeniemi.
Names of the owners in Finland: 1st: Olavi Haapasalo.
2nd: Arvo Hayry.
3rd: Petri Santaniemi and Anitta Santaniemi
Arvo Hayry purchased the vehicle on June 28, 1977 from a person named Olavi Haapasalo. Olavi Haapasalo had bought the vehicle in question for his daughter, who had to drive to school from Ylojarve to the University of Tampere, but the daughter wanted a Mersu ( Mercedes ), not a Messerschmitt. That is why the vehicle was offered for sale. After he bought the vehicle, Arvo Hayry drove it for about three years until he could not start it anymore. He parked the vehicle at his summer cottage in Vesilahti among planks and other miscellaneous items.
In 2005, on 15 September to be exact, my wife and I purchased the Messerschmitt in question from Arvo Hayryl through my wife's father. After that, we started restoring the vehicle together with my son-in-law Tommi Vainionpera. During the restoration, Tuomo Kangasniemi helped us with his expertise and we also received spare parts through him.
The vehicle has been completely dismantled, the surfaces to be painted have been sanded, the vehicle has been taken to Auto repair company P. Oinose to be painted in the spray booth. The engine has been disassembled and drilled. The movable parts were replaced by new ones and new upholstery was ordered with patterns from the upholstery company.
All the work was done in collaboration with Petri Santaniemi and Tommi Vainionpera and we think the end result turned out really well.
According to the accompanying certificate, the Messerschmitt has been restored well to the original condition, just like when the car left the factory.

Engine, matching number (3472602)
The KR200 was powered by a 191-cc (11.7 cu in) Fichtel & Sachs forced-air (fan) cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine positioned in front of the rear wheel, just behind the passenger seat. The engine had two sets of contact breakers and to reverse (gear), the engine was stopped and then restarted, in order to be able to reverse (gear). This was done by deliberately or unintentionally pushing the key further into the ignition lock than usual. As a result, the KR200's sequential, positive-stop transmission provided the car with the same four gear ratios available in reverse (gear) as in forward motion.
The KR200 has a full set of pedals: clutch, brake and throttle. The brake pedal still operated mechanical brakes using cables.

The Monza-red (Monza-rot) Messerschmitt FMR KR 200 was produced in 1962 and production stopped 2 years later. After Finland, the car came to the Netherlands and was registered on 13-02-2018 by the current owner who added the neatly restored KR 200 to the collection.

This car may have minor signs of wear due to its age, please see the photos.

You are more than welcome to come and view the car in our showroom and take it for a test drive before you place a bid.

This vehicle can be viewed and picked up in Oldemarkt, The Netherlands.


Very good condition: minimal signs of wear