2006 Mercedes-Benz SL


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  • Mileage 
    114 050 km / 70 868 mi
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In 2004, Mercedes amazed sports car enthusiasts, launching an extreme version of the SL signed AMG, more precisely SL65 AMG. The abbreviation AMG has always been synonymous with exuberant performance, but for this version the Stuttgart company did not limit itself to a simple "inactive" version of the SL, but they created a real monster of power. the 65 AMG with its 6-liter V12 biturbo delivers the incredible power of 612 HP of maximum power, with a driving torque capable of 1250 Nm such an impressive value, that they had to electronically limit the torque to 1000 Nm as they were not commercially available present transmissions capable of holding higher values ​​(this gives an idea of ​​how ambitious the design of this engine was). Its performance is obviously equally astounding, in fact, the car without speed limiter (imposed as a standard for safety reasons, but removable) reaches the stratospheric maximum speed of 338 km / h, a value still today envied by many super cars emblazoned. in short, this Mercedes SL has all the requisites to become an instant classic, destined to grow in price over time and will certainly remain in history, because of its outstanding performances.
This full optional specimen is in excellent condition and absolutely original.
The car is visible inside our showroom in Reggio Emilia.
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