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Designer: Sindelfingen

Estimate: $35,000 -­ $45,000

Chassis Number: WDBBA48D0JA089146
Decoded: W=Germany; DB=Daimler-­Benz; B=107 type; A=Gasoline engine; 48=560SL;
D=Seat belts with tensioners; 0=Check Digit; J=1988; A=Sindelfingen, Germany assembly;
089140=89,140th 560SL scheduled for production
Engine: 5,547 cc DOHC V-8
Bosch Fuel Injection / 227 bhp
4-­Speed Automatic Transmission
Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Mileage: 25,300

● Finely Detailed and Well Maintained from New
● Classic Styling Just as it was Designed
● Low Miles Ready for Show or the Road

The Model: Researching a family history can be interesting and exciting. Or at least it can be if you own a part of the Mercedes­-Benz SL family. SL, aptly translated means Super Light, and in the early days that is exactly what it meant. While Mercedes was known for luxury vehicles, it also had a racing heritage. The SLs saw a number of changes evolving into the “R107” models the first V8 sports cars from Mercedes. First came the 450 followed by the smaller and underpowered 380 in the early 1980s. That problem was fixed in 1986 with the introduction of the 560SL. Developed with an eye toward American sales, it was soon accepted in both the USA and around the world as the standard of a luxury sports car. Even as a modern car, it has old-­world charm from the hand­crafted interior appointments and care taken in the assembly of these popular sports roadsters.

The Car: Finished in Signal Red with a light tan interior, the love and care that has been given to this car is very evident. Showing just over 25,000 miles these are from new with factory paint appearing to be near flawless and only the very slightest of wear can be detected on the driver’s seat or control pedals. The beautiful interior wood work has retained in deep gloss finish and Reported to run out quite well, the fit and finish of the body of this car is sound and solid. Wearing the upgraded alloy wheels with a fresh set of tires all around, this 560SL is a treasure to behold. In addition to the standard factory items such as power steering and disc brakes, power windows and more, it also has the Becker Grand Prix AM­/FM­ Cassette player. No matter where you look this 560SL is truly a cut above the crowd.

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