1958 Mercedes-Benz Ponton


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    94 386 km / 58 649 mi
  • Car type 
    Convertible / Roadster
  • Country VAT 
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
  • Number of seats 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Drivetrain 
  • Fuel type 



The Mercedes-Benz "Ponton" was a series of saloons introduced by Daimler-Benz in July 1953. The German word for "pontoon" referred to the slab-sided, three-box overall shape of the cars. In July 1956 a Cabriolet (two doors, four seats) joined the line-up. Only 3.429 cabriolets were built until October 1959.

This example car was formerly owned by a US military sergeant, who took the car with him when he returned home after his service abroad. It was reimported to Europe approximately 15 months ago. Presented here is a solid and unmolested example of a 220S Ponton Cabrio. This is the ideal car for an easy restoration. With just a little work, it could even be used as is.

Many enthusiasts would argue that this car deserves to be preserved instead of restored. We certainly tend to agree with this. If a restoration would be carried out however, it would be a prime concourse candidate, considering the number of original parts and its largely untouched aesthetics.


The car is wearing an older repaint in what presumably is its original colour. Only a few signs of minor corrosion can be found.

The chrome trim is still constists of the original plating. Many an enthusiast would prefer to keep the chrome as is and not have it replaced, considering how it matches the overall patina of the car.

The convertible top is also in good shape; definitely acceptable for a preservation class car.


The sumptuous red leather interior appears to be all original and has a wonderful feel and patina. Same story here as with most of the car’s other aspects: it would almost be a shame to renew it.

The headlining has two tears along the centre seam. These don’t make the interior any less convenient, although a new headliner would benefit the car.

The wooden veneers are largely undamaged and exude an acceptable patina. Some mild rejuvenating could potentially bring out more of their former luster, so as to match the rest of the car’s interior.


The 2195cc six-cylinder engine is mated to an automatic gearbox. The engine runs, but since the car hasn’t been driven for quite a while, an thorough tune-up is recommended before putting it to regular use.

The undercarriage of the car has received a corrosion-protective coating somewhere in the past and thus presents nicely.

This Ponton is not 100% rust-free, but it’s certainly a very healthy and sound example for this type of vehicle. Brake and fuel lines seem to have been renewed fairly recently.


The car comes with a US title (Military registration certificate). All EU-import duties have been paid.