1977 Mercedes-Benz E-Class


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  • Performance 
    129 PS / 95 kW / 128 BHP
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The legendary Mercedes W123, often nicknamed „Barrell” in Poland, went down in history as one of the most durable cars in the history of the brand. Thanks to its indestructible engines and an extremely durable structure the car covered millions of kilometres, which established its legend all over the world. The car listed in the catalogue is a rare version of the W123 model. It is powered by a straight, six-cylinder petrol engine displacing 2.5 litres and featuring a Solex carburetor. Its power output of 129 break horsepower was transferred to the rear axle via an automatic gearbox operated by a steering-column mounted lever. It was imported to Poland in 2015. The bodywork needs some repairs, including front and rear fenders along with wheel arches. It was completely repainted; the quality of work is decent, apart from a slightly different paint shade visible around the window line. The interior is in great condition for a 40-year old car. Despite the fact that the car is mechanically sound, it will require an inspection and some adjustments to make it fully drivable on a daily basis. The odometer currently shows over 200 000 kilometres, but it’s difficult to tell whether this mileage is authentic. One has to remember that these cars were capable of covering mileages four times as high without needing any major repairs. This is the very reason why many of these cars have been scrapped – they often served their owners until they literally fell apart. These days, finding a nicely maintained and fully original example of the humble “Barrell”, as it is called in Poland, especially with such a desirable colour combination and a potent, petrol-powered engine, is almost impossible. Driving this car is so enjoyable that it can be driven on a daily basis without making the driver miss newer cars at all.