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    Station Wagon
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    Original Condition
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• 69,809 km travelled
• 1 of 9 Produced worldwide
• 1 of 3 Registered for road use
• Performance Pack Exclusive By AMG Kit (410 hp)
• First paint black body colour
• Original AMG leather interior in black
• Assembled in Affalterbach by AMG
• Exclusive by AMG split rims
• Exclusive by AMG front spoiler
• Exclusive by AMG brakes
• Exclusive by AMG exhausts
• Nurburgring set-up Exclusive by AMG
• Speed limited to 280 km/h (instead of 250 km/h)

In 1993 the German manufacturer's new compact class line was unveiled. The 'C-Class' was built at the Mercedes-Benz plants in Sindelfingen and Bremen, Germany, as well as numerous satellite factories in other countries. The first C-Class saloon (W202) was produced on 1 June 1993 and the first second generation (W203) rolled off the assembly line on 18 July 2000.". This line included both saloon and coupé models, and from 2001 a station wagon variant was also added to these. The designers focused on agility and sportiness combined with uncompromising safety and quality. It was for this reason that all vehicles were fitted as standard with ABS, ESP, ASR, six airbags and bi-zone air conditioning. For the first time in Mercedes, the Kompressor was fitted.
In 2000 the second W203 series was presented, which marked a turning point in Mercedes styling with its lines, much sleeker and rounder and similar to the flagship S-Class. The second generation C-Class was introduced in March 2000. The saloon debuted with a range of petrol inline-four and V6 engines and diesels inline-four and five, later W203 received the V6 diesel. Most engines were carried over from the W202, but the C320 was exclusive, offering 160 kW (215 hp;).
Of all the available engines, without doubt the most representative model of Mercedes technology was the C32 AMG, the true flagship of the Stuttgart-based company (with the hand of the guys from Affalterbach). In 2005 the C32 AMG was also replaced, making way for the new C55 AMG with a 5.4-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine. This was an evolution of the V8 engine fitted to the E-Class, with power increased to 365 hp and torque rising to 510 Nm. The C 55 AMG used a V8 from the same engine family as the W202 C 43 AMG generation. Although the top speed was still limited to 250 km/h (155 mph), the 0-100 km/h (62 mph) time was reduced to 4.9 seconds. Unlike the less powerful V6s in the rest of the Mercedes-Benz range, the C 55 AMG continued to use the five-speed automatic transmission with AMG Speedshift. The C 55 shares its front design with the CLK 55 AMG to accommodate a larger 5.4-litre engine. The C 55 AMG is one of two AMG models to feature a different structure to its base Mercedes platform, the other being the W204 C 63 with its elongated engine bay. The C 55 was the first AMG C-Class to feature four exhausts and an external differential radiator. The lap time at the Nürburgring Nordschleife for the C 55 AMG was 8:22 compared to 8:37 for the C 32 AMG mainly due to the revised suspension and extra torque.
Few people know that among all the C55 AMGs produced in the world, there are 9 that have something very different from the others. The big difference between all the "normal" C55 AMGs and the other 9 is the exclusive "Performance Pack". In fact, only 9 examples in the world have the "PERFORMANCE PACK", and they are divided as follows: 3 were created as Taxi Ring, other 3 were set up as Medical Car for Formula 1, DTM, etc ..., and other 3 unique in the world as road cars.
The extremely rare example offered at auction is one of only three road cars to have come out of the AMG atelier. It was built at the Mercedes plant in Bremen and later moved to Affalterbach at the AMG headquarters where the "Performance Pack" was installed in the performance atelier. This exclusive package includes: the assembly of a V8 propulsion unit revised in many components with an overall power Upgrade up to 410hp (instead of 365), the exhausts are dedicated to this very rare version, with the manifolds separated and welded by hand and wrapped one by one, the speed limiter is increased up to 280km/h (instead of 250km/h), an AMG limited slip differential is installed. Finally, it features 19' rims, which can be separated and are meant to harmonize with the exclusive front spoiler with increased air intakes. But that's not all. To contain all the power of the engine, the car is prepared with a set-up called "Nurburgring". The peculiarity of this set-up is the displacement of the battery in the rear compartment in order to better redistribute the weight of the vehicle. Last but not least, the car features brake discs increased and whiskered, 6-piston calipers, instead of 4 pistons mounted on the "Normal" C55 AMG versions . The car comes with all its original documentation (owner's manuals, etc.) and will be auctioned at the 2021 Milano AutoClassica show in incredible condition.

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