1972 Mercedes-Benz /8


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  • Mileage 
    83 000 mi / 133 576 km
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"The W114 coupé heralded a completely new range of cars for Mercedes-Benz. Unlike everything else on offer, this car did not take any previous elements from the standard 180 from the 1950's. A new designer, Paul Bracq, was introduced, who penned a pure and uncluttered motorcar. The roof line came down and the seats were lowered to maintain headroom. The pillars were removed and all four windows wound down completely out of sight. The engine was a 2.5 litre, fuel injected unit with Bosch Jetronic injection, delivering 148bhp and propelling this model up to a perfectly respectable 115mph.
This 250C was first registered in the state of California in 1972 and the history files suggest that a change of ownership from Mr. Hieduke, in North Hollywood, to a Mr. Carhart, in suburban Los Angeles, took place in 2012. The history file accompanying this car comes complete with servicing and maintenance records dating back to July 2011 from North Hollywood. The majority of the invoices relate to perishables such as filters, oil, pads and discs and, of course, a selection of tuning related work to the carburettors and a host of other remedial work to replace worn seals, gaskets, bushings, cables, bearings and a host of suspension components. The total amount of invoices going back to 2011 substantiate over $6,500 for its time in USA. Recent work carried out last year includes a new alternator and belt along with fitting a new replacement fuel tank. Being a US derived model, this example has the larger displacement 2.7 litre inline six engine more commonly associated with the 280C, however it comes equipped with carburettors rather than the European specification Bosch D-Jetronic system.
Presented in factory cream with brown pinstriping, complemented by, unmarked, brown velour seats without headrests and without the column shift. This is a delightful 250C that is extremely original and unrestored, it's evident that its owners have really taken care of it mechanically. Upon closer inspection, this is a very original coupé with lots of character and an ideal car for any Mercedes-Benz enthusiast or collector."