1968 Mercedes-Benz 600


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German title
Chassis number 100.016-12-001110
Engine number 100.980-12-001167

Restored at a cost of 300000€
Rare 6-door version
Immaculate condition
Only 428 built

Assured of its standing in the luxury car market following the success of the 300 series (over 11,000 examples produced between 1951 and 1962), the Stuttgart firm introduced the 600 in September 1963 to replace it. This was the most imposing limousine ever offered by the manufacturer, and mechanically the most elaborate for its day: a V8 fuel-injected 6.3-litre engine giving a torque of 51 m/kg and 250 bhp (DIN) capable of taking the 2.5 tonne car to 205km/h, an incredibly smooth four-speed automative gearbox, power-assisted disc brakes and self-levelling hydraulic suspension. It also featured a complex hydraulic system to operate the windows and seats (front and rear), automatic opening and closing of the doors, sun-roof if fitted, the bonnet, boot lid, petrol cap etc. It provided an unbelievable level of comfort, with automatic heating and ventilation adjustment (two zones) and a standard of finishing (leather upholstery, chrome ornaments and varnished wood consoles front and rear) that was beyond criticism. The 600 was offered in two wheelbase lengths and in three styles: a four-door limousine with 3.20m wheelbase, a four or six-door eight-seater Pullman and a Pullman 'Landaulette' with a convertible top over the rear passenger compartment. The Pullman version had a wheelbase of 3.90m taking its total length from 5.54m to 6.24m. Many other variations were produced as the 600 could be built to individual customer specification. In total, Daimler-Benz produced 2,677 examples of the 600 of which just 428 were Pullmans, with the four-door version, featuring additional rear-facing seats, being very rare. On the road this enormous car was stable and comfortable and travelled with astonishing ease at speeds prohibited today. The clientele of the 600 has spanned from pop-stars to the Pope, leading businessmen, Heads of State and government ministers. The armoured-plating of the official 600s makes little difference to the performance of a car with such power.

The car was ordered along with 2 others 600 for the Congolese Government. Two of them were sent to Africa while the other one remained in Köln as an Embassy car. The Mercedes 600 Pullman on offer would be this Embassy car. It is a rare 6-door version painted in black 040. The immaculate red leather interior is original. Moreover it is equipped with the air-conditioning both front and rear. Mechanically, the car has gone through a complete restoration finished in 2013 by F & S Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH in Altengstett, Germany. Invoices for almost 300,000€ of the work accomplished are available. With a documented mileage of only 31,000km, this rare Mercedes 600 Pullman is exceptional, combining an immaculate conservation condition and a high level of mechanical restoration.