1956 Mercedes-Benz 300


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Belgian title
Chassis n° 1980406500071
Engine n° 1989806500080

- Sold new in France
- Rare, original special specification for sporty driving
- Superb presentation
- Original engine and colour scheme
- Equipped with original NSL engine

The original "Datenkarte" shows us that this car left the Mercedes-Benz factory on 27 March 1956 and was delivered to Mercedes Paris ten days later on 7 April. It was painted ivory (DB 608) with black leather interior (953). It is interesting to note the special equipment on the delivery papers, including option 10018 "Motor mit Sonderteile für sportliches Fahren", (sports engine with special parts), consisting of a sportier camshaft (standardized on the roadster) adding about 15bhp, paired with a different butterfly throttle valve for the injection pump and an appropriately calibrated distributor. Also, option 10009/1 "Stossdämpfer und Federn für sportliches Fahren", (shock absorbers and springs for sporty driving), and finally "Verlängerte Lenkspindel 944-198", which related to a special steering set-up. Option 10011/2 described the presence of a high beam flasher control. This car therefore left the factory with a more sporting set-up than the standard version. The specification was more often found on the alloy versions, making this example particularly rare and interesting.

The car was subsequently sent to the US by its American owner, Mr Erle Heath, from Pittsburg in Pennsylvania. For the record Mr Heath is today aged 99 and lives in Florida. In 1997, our Mercedes 300 SL was bought by a renowned specialist from Brussels, who brought the car over to Belgium. In the comprehensive "Register Mercedes 300 SL Coupé/Gullwing" compiled by Eric Le Moine, the entry for the car dated November 1997 states: " very original car with 23 000 km ".
The current owner, President of the 300SL Gullwing Roadster Club, Belgium, acquired the car in 2001. Since then, it has taken part in club events and the Mille Miglia in 2005, which it finished without any problems. The odometer shows 64 000 km today.

In 2009 - 2010, the car underwent a major restoration that included completely refurbishing the coachwork. At this point it was repainted in its original livery (having been white for some time). This top level restoration won the car two awards at the 2016 Zoute Grand Prix : " Most iconic car " and " Special Award ". It has also been used by Mercedes-Benz Belgium for exhibitions and the launch of new sporting models such as the SLR and SLS.
This Mercedes 300 SL comes with various documents including Belgian " car-pass ", FIVA identity card, insurance documents and MOT certificates, photographic reports, personalised number plate 300-GUL, car jack, car cover and owner's manuals. A large file of invoices is also included, providing a record of maintenance and repairs, restoration and purchase of accessories, from businesses such as HK-Engineering and M&W Classics. The car still has its original keys, for the doors, boot and ignition.

With its tubular chassis, six-cylinder engine with direct injection, dry sump, finned Alfin brakes with Alfred Teves ATE T50 booster unit, independent suspension and streamlined body, the Mercedes 300 SL was shaped by the racetrack. The best Mercedes engineers, bent over their drawing boards, discovered the wonderful 'gullwing' doors that gave the car its name. These were not only for show, but the result of the structure of the chassis, which ran high on the sides to maximise its strength. What was a constraint became a feature that would make this car a legend. As for performance, the 300 SL totally dominated the road. It was rare, at that time, to find a car that could exceed 230 km/h safely and could cover 0 to 100km/h in under 9 seconds.

We are delighted to present a particularly desirable example of this dream machine. Presented impeccably in its original colour ivory, retaining its original engine and other mechanical elements, this Mercedes 300SL also boasts a beautifully upholstered interior with new carpets. The sports specification makes this very attractive for enthusiasts. It is possibly the only 300SL Gullwing delivered new with NSL kit and without Rudge wheels.