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    Convertible / Roadster
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• Fully restored
• Cabrio bodywork
• Light Blue bodywork (Light Blue cod 353)
• Blue leather interior
• Manual transmission
• Fully restored engine

In 1961, Mercedes-Benz introduced a new generation of coupes and convertibles. The first of the debutants was presented in Stuttgart in 1961. The debut model of the two-door range of the W111 was the 220 SEb Coupé, a luxury car with an elegant and representative design. The continuity with the previous model was limited exclusively to the nomenclature. This new W111 echoed the stylistic language of the 220 SEb sedan presented in 1959. The technical director at the time, Fritz Nallinger, insisted that these new series be as safe as possible for the occupants. Thus it was that they were equipped with a living cell formed by a solid cage reinforced with steel tubes, large areas of the body with programmed deformation and collapsible steering column. In addition, the same emblem of the House placed on the radiator was deformable and gave way in case of impact. The mechanics echoed the layout of the 220SEb sedan, but the Coupé introduced a substantial difference: it was the first Mercedes-Benz production car equipped with disc brakes on the front wheels. In the autumn of 1961, the fascinating 220 SEb Cabriolet was presented. On a technical level, this version was completely faithful to the closed variant, differing only in the canvas sunroof and in the necessary structural reinforcements.
The magnificent example proposed by us at auction was registered for the first time in 1962. The car was almost completely restored about 10 years ago. The body has been repainted in its original Light Blue color (Cod. 353). The interior was and the upholstery was redone in blue color. The engine has been completely restored by overhauling all the mechanics, pumps, pipes and gaskets, even the electrical system has been totally restored. This car is part of a beautiful collection of cars belonging to an Italian-American gentleman. The car will be auctioned at the Milan AutoClassica 2021 event in extraordinary condition.

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