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To be OFFERED AT AUCTION at Auctions America’s Fort Lauderdale event, April 1-3, 2016.

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$ 80,000 - $100,000 US

One of five children, Wilhelm Maybach was born on February 9, 1846 in Heilbronn, Germany. Orphaned as a young boy, Maybach lived his formative years at the Bruderhaus, or “the Brother House,” a progressive orphanage with its own engineering works in Reutlingen where he was encouraged to develop his natural technical talents and exceptional engineering skills. It was here that Wilhelm met Gottlieb Daimler, beginning a lifelong collaboration.

In 1883 Wilhelm, together with his mentor Daimler, developed the first high-speed internal combustion engine. In 1885 the new engine was installed into a wooden “riding car,” which historians say was the world’s first motorcycle, and then, a year later, into a carriage. By 1901, under the commission of businessman Emil Jellinek, Maybach introduced the first Mercedes model, named after Jellinek’s daughter. This vehicle is acknowledged as the world’s first modern motor car; it ushered in numerous automotive innovations such as a sliding pinion gearshift system, the spray-nozzle carburetor and the efficient honeycomb radiator system. Perhaps most significant, this Mercedes used a modern chassis resembling cars of today as opposed to the carriage platforms prevalent then.

By 1909 Maybach had established the Friedrichshafen engine factory, which supplied industrial engines that powered Count Zeppelin’s famous airships of the 1930s. Wilhelm's son, Karl Maybach (1879-1960), developed his own passion for mechanics as a result of his father's profession. From 1909 to 1952, Karl proudly served as Technical Director and co-owner of the Friedrichshafen company, named Maybach Motorenbau in 1918. After the First World War, Karl originally intended to build engines for automobile manufacturers but, with his father entering retirement, he decided to build his own automobiles bearing the family name.

The first Maybach car, the technically advanced W3, debuted at the 1921 Berlin Motor Show and generated much public interest and media attention. Karl was quick to emphasize that the Maybach was not intended to be a car for the masses. Rather, it would be the most technically advanced available and satisfy the expectations of the world’s most discerning customers who would commission highly individualized Maybach sedans, coupes and cabriolets from European coachbuilders such as Spohn, Glaser and Erdmann & Ross.

In 1929, the Maybach Type 12 was introduced, followed a year later by the top-of-the-line Maybach "Zeppelin" V-12, the most expensive car of its time in Germany. The eight-liter Zeppelin models generated 200 horsepower, a remarkable figure given the relatively low compression ratios of the time. The most popular Maybach model was the SW, the "Little Maybach" as it was dubbed, which began production in 1935. Its six-cylinder engine produced 140-hp and it had an impressive top speed of 150-km/h.

Between 1921 and 1941, Maybach produced 1,800 cars, of which only 152 remain. After World War II, Karl Maybach transferred his expertise to industrial engines in a rebuilt Friedrichshafen plant, which eventually became the international company MTU, at the same time Daimler-Benz became the major shareholder in 1960.

After an absence of more than 60 years, the Maybach marque returned to prominence when DaimlerChrysler resurrected the brand in 2003 for its new line of ultra-luxury sedans. Two models were launched, the standard 133-inch wheelbase Maybach 57 for owner/driver enthusiasts and the longer 151-inch wheelbase 62 for “riding enthusiasts.”

Like its predecessor, the new Maybach is built to order and prioritizes high performance and technology as much as it does craftsmanship and comfort. A hand built 543 horsepower twin turbo V-12 engine combines with 664-lb/ft of torque for exceptional acceleration while air springs and electronically controlled shock absorbers provide responsive handling along with remarkable ride comfort.

Approximately four months after their acclaimed world premiere in New York, the high-end Maybach 57 and long wheelbase Maybach 62 saloons were making their debut on European roads. Equipped with the automotive technology of the 21st century, crafted in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and designed with meticulous attention to detail, the new Maybach saloons reflect the expertise of DaimlerChrysler as the worlds most advanced and tradition-steeped vehicle manufacturer, while benefiting from the technical guidance and skill of its sister-brand Mercedes-Benz in the worldwide luxury car segment.

The Maybach defines the standards at the very peak of the passenger car market, at the same time continuing the tradition of the legendary Maybach automobiles which were among the elite in German and international automotive engineering together with Mercedes-Benz during the 1920s and 1930s.

The model designations denote the respective overall lengths of these unique, super-luxury vehicles: 20-feet, 2.9-inches in the example of the Maybach 62 like this car and 18-feet, 9.6-inches in the case of the Maybach 57. The wheelbase of the Maybach 62 is a lengthy 150.7-inches.

These are complemented by further masterpieces of automotive engineering which were specifically developed for the Maybach such as the 'Type 12' engine (twin turbocharged V-12, 5.5-liter, 543-hp), which delivers more power and torque than any other standard-production saloon car engine in the world. The power is delivered through a shiftable five-speed automatic.

Maybach technical excellence is combined with equally unique elegance, aesthetics and design perfection. The harmonious interplay of form, color and materials lends these high-end saloons a design quality which accentuates their serene character and gives them an unmistakable identity. The highest quality materials – among them more than 100 exquisitely crafted and hand-fitted items of fine wood trim – embellish the interior. The extensive range of standard and optional equipment gives Maybach customers over two million ways of equipping their high-end luxury car to their personal taste.

This Caspian Black example is presented in two-tone with either Himalayas Light Gray or Nayarit Silver as the complementary color. The well fashioned interior appears a shade of tan in the photos, which would factor in either California Beige or Maui Pearl as the actual tone. Costing approximately $430,000 when new, the Maybach 62 is exquisitely tailored with a wide array of attention-getting “extras” that happened to be standard on a car of this caliber. Among this long list is a Bose surround sound system with 21 speakers, a highly efficient four-zone climate control system with two separate air conditioners, navigation, trip computer, universal remote transmitter, fully reclining rear seats, 10-way power and heated front seats, compass, cruise control, tilt/telescopic heated steering wheel, 10 airbags, sunroof, 12-volt rear power outlets, tinted windows, infrared reflecting laminated glass, air suspension, instruments in the rear roof liner, folding rear “picnic” tables, factory 10-spoke alloy wheels; power and heated mirrors with turn signal indicators, four one-touch windows, steering, remote keyless door locks and four-wheel disc brakes. The interior is richly appointed with trim elements on the dash, door panels, center console and shift knob in sumptuous leather, alloy and wood. These are but a few of the many conveniences found with such a magnificent automobile.

To further this car’s pedigree; it is a one-owner car from new that has service records of regular maintenance executed at Mercedes-Benz Manhattan. The approximate figure of 37,300 miles on the odometer is reported as actual. These cars are most often complimented for being exclusive, performance-oriented, chocked with posh amenities and passenger comfort.

Once you ensconce yourself in a car of this caliber, it will likely be an experience that you will not want to see end; with its 29.1 gallon fuel tank, touring can be accomplished many miles at a time.
2008 Maybach 62 Sedan

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