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In period the Sebring was one of Maserati's best cars to date.

Jeremy Clarkson named the Sebring #77 out of 100 best cars of all time.

Goodwood have listed her alongside the Birdcage, the MC14 and a few others as Maserati's best cars of ALL TIME.

Petrolicious which we have all come to enjoy over the past 5 years or so, have a title for their video on a Maserati Sebring as:

"Maserati Sebring 3500 GT Will make you fall in Love".

So it is a good car, and it is true. Driving our fully restored example around London it really does fit all the hype. She is steady, easy, comfortable and responsive.

The 3.7L engine, twin plug head mated to 3 twin choke side draft Weber carbs, with a ZF 5 speed manua is hard to come by, especially in our fabulous specification, which only 49 other cars wear. Stylish. And you might expect that of such a car seeing it was purchased by Peter Sellers, actor and most famous for the beloved Chief Inspector Clouseau of the Pink Panther, but many others too.

He bought it as a gift to his son, Michael. A nice gift!! Who then used the car in Tennessee until Michael imported her to the UK in the 1980s. He used the car for a while, and in 2004 the most recent custodian was able to acquire her. She was immediately taken to Maserati experts in Austria for a full restoration for when they took over ownership, she was original - but tired.

The restoration was extensive, and expensive. Costing €150,000 and along with the documents are 150 or so photographs of the restoration being undertaken. Immense detail was gone into..

Everything was restored to correct specification, except for the necessary change to the 45 Weber carbs, bought in Italy from Maserati spare parts dealers. The original Lucas injection is there still but better to use the webers. Ex-Maserati mechanics from the 1960s restored the engine, and advised throughout and all their knowledge was used for this particular engine.

The original paintwork after some research, and according to the Maserati archives of Olaf Boecking in Germany was Bianco Polo Park. Glidden Salchi who supplied this new doesn't exist anymore, however the original colour was used from PPG. Maserati did use both companies in the 1960s for their cars, so it wasn't a compromise.

The interior has been restored into immaculate condition as is visible in our photographs and as you might expect seeing the extent to the other aspects of the car.

As you can see from the pictures, the boot, interior, engine bay, underside, paintwork and bright work are all in "as new condition"

Evidence herewith in the form of her victory at the Salon Prive Concours de Vente held at the Royal Hospital Gardens, Chelsea in the Spring of 2023, where she won Class 1 against some stiff competition

The restoration was completed in 2018, and about 250km have been done since.

She is ripe and ready for someone to enjoy what so many journalists that we love, like Clarkson, Petrolicious, Goodwood and many others, have referred to as one of the best of all time.

Currently registered in Austria so EU taxes have been paid. We can help with UK registration or Shipping World Wide *

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