1975 Maserati Merak


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Swedish title
Chassis number AM 122 1116

- Mechanics recently restored
- The "Small Bora"
- Very agile car
- No reserve

Like most Maseratis of the period, the Merak was name after a desert wind and was unveiled to the public at the 1972 Paris motorshow. Although featuring the overall design of the Bora it was fitted with a V6 identical to the SM's but bored out to 3-litres with power up from 170 bhp to 190 bhp. The space saved by using the V6 instead of the V8 allowed room for two small rear seats.
Delivered new in "Rosso Fuoco" along with grey fabric seats, the car arrived in Sweden in 1976. For many years this car belonged to the well-known Swedish motoring journalist Bengt Dieden. Later on, passing through different hands, it needed a restoration, but thanks to Swedish rust-proofing it was never seriously damaged except for some sections under the petrol tanks which have been carefully repaired. The car was re-painted in "Giallo Corona" and fitted with a black skai interior, while the original carpets have been retained.
According to the owner the engine has been completely restored with forged pistons, modified chain tensioners and fitted with solid exhaust valves as well as a lightened flywheel and new clutch. The radiator was restored with new coolant hoses fitted as well as a new oil cooler with new hoses. The hydraulic pump is now also restored and the accumulators renewed. The air conditioning is fitted with a modern compressor and most components were changed.The wheel rims were repainted in a colour similar to the original grey and fitted with new Continental tyres.