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    5 000 mi / 8 047 km
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    United Kingdom
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A superb recreation of the formidable Maserati 450S, built by a highly regarded professional engineerThis is a tool room copy including the ladder chassis and all aluminium bodyStunning Rosso paintwork over tan leather and polished Borranis'4.9-litre V8 Maserati engine and amanual gearboxRarely do such well-engineered replicas come to marketOver the years Chris Lawrence of Wymondham Engineering in Norfolk built up a superb reputation for creating the very best and well-finished replicas of important sports cars. He was world renowned for excellent attention to detail and historical accuracy whilst tweaking slightly to ensure his creations were enjoyable to drive. He was the natural choice by the Swiss entrepreneur commissioned to complete an exclusive run of 250 GTOs when Mario Allegretti (formally regarded as the world's leading expert restoring original and recreating 250 GTOs) could no longer work on the project. Lawrences recreations are now highly sought after including his 250 SWBs, California Spiders, and Maserati 450S.The Maserati 450S (Tipo 54) was a hugely competitive car in its day and led the field by two minutes during its competition debut in the Buenos Aries 1000kms, driven by Moss and Fangio until a minor fault with the gear linkage caused the car to retire. In the 1957 Mille Miglia, a 450S was the fastest car in the event but retired early with a faulty brake pedal. Whilst at the Nurburgring, Moss was enjoying a thirty-second lead when he was overtaken by his rear wheel after a half-shaft failure. Sadly, history will recall the 450S as a fabulous sports racer that failed to realise its full potential, seemingly always dogged by minor technical problems.Chris Lawrence put a great deal of research into ways the car's handling could be improved without losing the visceral qualities of the original. The ladder chassis was built using a jig from an original Maserati 450S chassis # 4510, while the all aluminium body was likewise reproduced using bucks from # 4510. Lawrence even replicated the correct oval section tubing for the chassis. By strengthening the chassis, improving steering and suspension, and adding disc brakes he produced a real 'driver's car'.Built towards the end of the 1980s/early 90s, these high-spec recreations cost over 150,000 at the time but this piece of motoring art is available for less than half of that. At this guide price, its only competition would be a one bedroom flat in Huddersfield, and we think we know which option might be more fun.Not hugely practical in day to day terms, this is essentially a car to enjoy and we imagine that its new owner will want to appreciate the evocative driving characteristics of this amazing, powerful, open-top, V8 Maserati and with the wind in your hair and the bark from the side exhausts bouncing of the surrounding buildings, it wouldn't be hard to narrow your eyes and be transported back to the Mille Miglia in 1957.

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United Kingdom
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