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  • Said to be the car raced by Jacques Villeneuve for the Canadian Tire team
  • Reportedly finished 5th at the 1985 Indianapolis 500, driven by Johnny Parsons, Jr.
  • Long-term display piece with 'as-raced' patina

The Mitosinka Collection’s March was, according to its owner, the car driven by Jacques Villeneuve under the ownership of the Canadian Tire team during the 1984 season, initially as an 83C and subsequently as an 84C.

The following year Villeneuve continued to compete in the car, now as an 85C. According to Mr. Mitosinka, he failed to qualify at the Indianapolis 500, however, so the car was taken over for that event by Johnny Parsons and finished fifth overall. Afterward the car is said to have raced for the remainder of the 1985 season by Mr. Villeneuve, with its best finishes being a first overall at Elkhart Lake and third overall at Mid-Ohio.

1984ModelDriver, Racing NumberFinishedTotal Points
Long Beach83CJacques Villeneuve (6)6th
Phoenix83CJacques Villeneuve (6)13th
Portland83CJacques Villeneuve (6)6th
Meadowlands84CJacques Villeneuve (6)15th
Cleveland84CJacques Villeneuve (6)9th
Sanair84CJacques Villeneuve (6)8th
Phoenix84CJacques Villeneuve (6)9th
Laguna Seca84CJacques Villeneuve (6)24th
Las Vegas84CJacques Villeneuve (6)15th

1985ModelDriver, Racing NumberFinishedTotal Points
Long Beach85CJacques Villeneuve (8)7th
Indianapolis85CJohnny Parsons, Jr. (29)5th
Milwaukee85CJacques Villeneuve (8)22nd
Portland85CJacques Villeneuve (8)23rd
Meadowlands85CJacques Villeneuve (8)21st
Cleveland85CJacques Villeneuve (8)4th
Elkhart Lake85CJacques Villeneuve (8)1st
Mid-Ohio85CJacques Villeneuve (8)3rd
Sanair85CJacques Villeneuve (8)11th
Laguna Seca85CJacques Villeneuve (8)25th
Phoenix85CJacques Villeneuve (8)13th
Miami85CJacques Villeneuve (8)17th

Mr. Mitosinka acquired the March for his collection in 1999, at one of the first RM Auctions sales to be held in California. Its steering system was rebuilt shortly thereafter but it has remained otherwise largely a display piece in the collection ever since, in “as-raced” condition. The engine in the car is an incomplete block and a new engine would need to be built in order to return the car to the track. To view this car and others currently consigned to this auction, please visit the RM website at rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/mt20.

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