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    598 km / 372 mi
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In August 1993, Lotus Cars was acquired by Bugatti Automobili SpA, led by Romano Artioli. The Italian entrepreneur's goal was to restore the Lotus brand to a prestigious position in the production of sports cars, following in the footsteps and original philosophy of Colin Chapman, who had made Lotus glorious.
Thus was born the idea of ​​developing a lightweight and minimalist car, leveraging aeronautical technology. A true sports car without compromises.
The lightness and essentiality of the Elise fully reflect the concept of a sports car according to Colin Chapman's motto "Less is more", with an aluminum-silicon frame weighing 68 kg, non-power-assisted brakes and steering, and a driving position just inches from the ground in an aluminum tub to ensure the driver a "go-kart feeling" experience.
No airbags, minimal seat padding—on the Elise, all the superfluous has been eliminated to make the car as light as possible for an unforgettable driving experience. The Elise creates a connection with the driver that even much more prestigious cars cannot match.
The essence of this machine is highlighted by its essentiality and absolute rigor towards a project unique in the world. A philosophy fully realized in a car that disrupts the classic evaluation criteria but constitutes a benchmark for those who focus solely on the pure pleasure of driving.
The Elise has created a separate segment of cars known as "light cars," of which Lotus has always been the reference point.
Unfortunately, Lotus recently announced the discontinuation of ELISE production, which will be replaced by models that are still focused on performance, but are more sophisticated and less pure and essential.
However, this shift by Lotus has not been appreciated by many purists, making the Elise immediately a sought-after collectible car. A true instant Classic.
Our Lotus Elise
- Custom-made specimen by "PB Racing"
- Based on Elise S 20th anniversary (220 hp)
- The car has been built to the same specifications as the cars that race in the "Lotus Cup." This is the only Elise homologated to race in the championship and registered for road use.
- All work carried out can be proven with official invoices from "PB Racing"
- New car with only 598 KM traveled
- Regularly registered in Italy
- Perfect bodywork and engine.
- Various engine mappings
- Sequential gearbox with cut-off mode
- Beautiful metallic blue livery with red inserts
- Lotus Conformity Certificate - Unit no. 298
- Chassis SCCLJCRC1FHD11599
- Ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels of sporty derivation
- Polycarbonate rear window.
- Alcantara interiors that also extend to the door panels and dashboard
- Carbon fiber aerodynamic package including front splitter, rear wing, deflectors, and hardtop.
- This beautiful Lotus Elise Street Cup is one of the very few cars with a sequential gearbox and race setup to be homologated to drive on the road. These cars are becoming increasingly rare and now impossible to replicate, as safety regulations become more restrictive. Consequently, this represents one of the last race cars, also intended for road use. "the thrill of a race car, on the road" something unparalleled... in practice the dream of any motorsport enthusiast.
The car can be viewed by booking an online call with our sales representative, through Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, and Google Meet platforms.!