2002 Lotus Elise

SII, 34.000 Kms since new


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    Convertible / Roadster
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  • Condition 
    Original condition
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- Handling and steering are legendary
- Less is more credo applies beautifully here
- It is the enthusiast driver’s dream car thanks to its light weight, delicious steering, superb balance and great performance
- It’s also usable as an everyday car by the committed purist-driver
- Sports car purity and precision

The Elise was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motorshow in 1995 before entering production with first deliveries in August 1996.

The Lotus Elise introduced a range of technologies that revolutionized the automotive industry, such as a chassis made from extruded and bonded aluminium, a composite energy absorbing front crash structure and lightweight composite body panels.

The whole car weighed in at half the weight of an average family saloon. This light weight bestowed the car with phenomenal acceleration and handling.

The Elise was named after Elisa, the granddaughter of Romano Artioli, the Italian chairman of Lotus and Bugatti at the time of the car’s launch.

The Series 2 Elise, announced on 9 October 2000, was a redesigned Series 1 using a slightly modified version of the Series 1 chassis to meet the new regulations, and the same K-series engine with a brand new Lotus-developed ECU.

This evolutionary car, arguably one of the most important cars in Lotus’ fifty-two year history, added to the technology introduced on the Elise in 1996.


This specific Lotus has been ordered new in Holland.

It is a very low kilometers example with only 34.000 kilometers since new.

The Lotus has had only 3 owners since new including ourselves.

The car has been since new a collectors car which is well maintained at the main Lotus dealer in Holland.

One can clearly see that the former owners have taken care for the car as the condition of the Lotus is impressively nice.

The red metallic paintwork is in excellent order with hardly a blemish to note. Only the front bumper shows the wear of stone chips.

The wheels are in top order with no kerbing and no damages on the side.

These cars are serious drivers cars because they drive extremely well. They are therefore mainly in a used condition with damages but this is a very nice collectors example.

The color combination is extremely nice, the exterior color is Ruby Red with a beautiful black and grey combined interior.


The interior is in nice condition with no excessive wearing on the seats, trim or carpeting.

The wearing signs are small and very acceptable for a car from this age.

The seats as well as the complete interior looks beautiful, It is easy to see that one has taken care of the car.

The Lotus is complete with service manual and the service has been done properly.


When the original Elise appeared in 1996, it redefined one of the most demanding automotive segments. It is the enthusiast driver’s dream car thanks to its light weight, delicious steering, superb balance and great – if not neck-snapping – performance.

It encapsulates everything that Lotus founder Colin Chapman stood for, and as such there’s little else to match its agility, frugality and sheer feelgood quality, despite the fact that it is quite affordable.

“The Elise is so good that it should be made available on prescription as the perfect treatment for depression”. The Sunday Times

The five-speed manual gearbox is a delight, the sports seats hugg you tightly, the engine provided just enough oomph to be convincing and the handling and steering is giving a pure race feeling.

The seats hold the driver well during cornering, the small wheel is good to hold, the pedals are well placed.

And the boot will swallow a couple of bags with the hood stowed. Getting in and out, however, requires you to be as flexible as ever.

The Lotus Elise is really a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

Driving this car is an experience, an amazing experience!

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