1992 Lotus Elan


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    Convertible / Roadster
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    Original Condition
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Belgian registration
Chassis No. SCCGA36B1MHF27723

- Turbo version
- Reliable mechanics
- Less than 100,000 km

At the end of the 1980s, General Motors, then owner of Lotus, decided to launch a new model designed to increase the volume and ensure the brand's financial health. The Lotus Elan project is relaunched and will bear the name M 100. For the style, Peter Stevens' design was chosen as it was better adapted to the manufacturer's specifications. In order to reduce development costs GM chooses to use an engine from the group, the choice is made for the original Isuzu 1.6 litre engine developing 130 hp in the naturally aspirated version and 165 hp with its turbo. The use of this engine is intended to highlight Japanese reliability. The engineers are going to break away from the heritage of its predecessor by proposing a traction version, more adapted according to them to a new generation not used to rear-wheel drive. The Lotus Elan M 100 was presented to the public in 1989. Unfortunately the model was not a great success and its production stopped in 1992. Lotus was bought in 1993 by Romano Artioli, then owner of Bugatti. At that time there were enough parts left in stock to launch a second series of Elan: the S2. This keeps the model in production while the Elise is under development. Unfortunately Artioli was not strong enough and Bugatti went bankrupt and was forced to sell Lotus to the Malaysian Proton in 1995. Kia will buy the manufacturing licence and produce the M100 for its domestic market until 1999. In the end, 6374 units of the Elan M100 will be produced for all models from 1990 to 1999.
Of Dutch origin, our Lotus Elan SE will arrive in Belgium in 2012. It is today in a very good state of conservation, its bodywork has recently been repainted. Its grey livery is combined with a black leather interior and anthracite carpets. The soft top is in good condition and the car is equipped with an anti-wobble net. A little sports car to rediscover, the Elan SE with a totally nineties look is not lacking in arguments. Its reliable and high performance mechanics combined with a very efficient chassis as only Lotus has the secret, will bring you with certainty driving pleasure and sensations.

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