1111 Lorraine-Dietrich 12 CV

A4 torpédo Grummer


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- Interesting model, beautiful body
- Relatively complete car
- Prestigious brand
- No reserve

Although equipped with a four-cylinder engine of 10/12 HP with overhead valve, but smaller than the six-cylinder of the brand, the Lorraine Type A4 has the same build quality as its more prestigious sisters. It has a beautiful tourer bodywork and features a nice grille typical of the brand's cars, including the B3-6s, which distinguished themselves in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Roger Baillon particularly appreciated Lorraine, we also have on sale a B3-6 by Grummer, a sister model to the one on offer here.
Between the two headlamps is an interesting optical device, a "Restor Monocode" with a big lens. The car is equipped with leather seats that seem to be well preserved and the dashboard appears to be complete with a set of round O.S. dials. It carries the plaque from the first owner, "Jean Guyon, Le Plessis Cne Augé, Deux-Sèvres", which indicates that the car has probably always been in the area. A plaque of the coachbuilder Grummer can also be seen, as well as an old registration number: 9694 XL. The car is based on wooden "artillery" wheels and even has its hood with its complete frame, useful as a model for a new one. Overall, this car is interesting because it is in a rather sound condition, representing a nice restoration project.